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In my mind or not

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  • Posted By: MarkZA
  • December 6, 2012
  • 00:56 PM


I suffer from what I think is either a fear of needles or blood, to be honest I am not sure which it is. I dont mind the site of blood but the thought of someone giving me injections or taking my blood sets me into a paniced state. Its so bad that whenever I am forced to have injections or give blood I insist on lying down

I am 33 years of age and in the past 10 years have had 2 serious incidents, the second of these happening this past monday. I will describe this one now

I developed and abcess on my finger and went to see the doctor to have it drained, I knew this would involve local anesthetics at the base of my finger to numb the finger. I had this same procedure done a couple of months ago on a different finger. What happened was as follows. I was sitting on the bed in the nursing station, the doctor administered the injections and left me a while for the anesthetics to take effect. What happened next is a bit blurry to me as you will understand why shortly. The doctor started to cut the finger, I dont think it was totally numb, I looked down saw my blood, went all lighted headed and passed out. I know I passed out because the next moment of conciiosness I can remember is two nurses helping me up from the floor with myself having a terrible headache and feeling very weak, unable to support myself

I basically spent the next 2 hours in the hospital until I could get myself back to a point where I was able to stand. Prior to this all I could do was lie down and vomit. I can remember the nurse telling me that my blood pressure was high just after I passed out and when she checked it later it was back to normal. My wife then took me homw where I slept the rest of the day and vommited up anything that I tried to eat

This was 3 days ago and I am still not feeling 100%, I am much better now but my head is still a bit woosey and I have discovered lots of bruises on my arms, my head. I had even broken my glasses. I am not sure what I hit when I fell but I am pretty sure one of the things was my head and being a dead weight probally got a bit of a concusion

The other time this happened to me was when I had to go give blood for our Life Insurance Examination. On this occasion I had asked to please sit on a chair. Similar thing happened, nurse stuck the needle into me, I went light headed, passed out and came to with the nurse helping me off the ground, spent the next half an hour or so vomitting my lungs out

What could be the cause of these occurences. I dont fully believe this is just fear. I have noted that on both these occasions I think my blood sugar was low and dropped lower when the injection was inserted. The first instance I had been told to not eat or drink anything from 10pm the night before. The recent incident I had been in a rush and didnt have any breakfast

This time I am a bit concerned that I may have done damage to myself if like I suspect my head hit the floor and I got concusion. Not sure if this explains the light headedness and vommitting though

Any thoughts and advise welcome, Thanks

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