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im so depressed plz help !! is this fungal infection?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 24, 2008
  • 02:15 PM

hello,my problem starts several years ago,it started with some brown small to large sized patches over different area of my bodys,when i went to the dr he said it is a fungal infection and he prescribed some medications to fight it,well it worked for a while.but those patches kept appearing and disappearing,the most effective treatment was canestine cream,THE THING which really confused me and drive me crazy and only disapeard 1 time may be and then it stayed like for ever is the brown to dark red large patches on my thighs on both sides internaly just close to the scrotum skin,these patches causes itching and bad odour especially if i do any hard exersize and starts sweating,i tried several medications but none worked,like canestine cream which worked at the begning and then no effect! and i tried mitroconazole and itraconazole as a systemic antifungal..but there was no change at all please help me,any idea what is this? or what shall i do? your help means alot to me thank you.

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  • Why don't you try applying cornstarch after your shower. Be sure your body is completely dry before application. The rash may weep, so apply and repeat as it may clump at first, but wipe it gently and start over and eventually it draws out the moisture. DON'T scratch, but if you do put more powder on it. Cornstarch won't hurt you. It may be a bacteria is forming from lack of air circulation (pants). Give your parts as much air as you can. :pHere is something similar I found on a dermatology site. Does it sound familiar?Dermatologyhttp://www.gulfmd.com/images/q.jpg White male 34.I have a large red rash on each inner thigh 6" up from knee and 6" down from groin. its very wide.reddish on the outside,and inside is more of a brownish tinge. seems like the inner part is going away but its spreads outward.I have been using antifungal(lotromin) It went away one day and then it came back..I have had it two weeks..It is humid here,but it seems to be more than that...what might it be?? doesn't appear to be ringworm. just a very very large rash.. thankshttp://www.gulfmd.com/images/a.jpg The tenia crures ( fungal infection ) of the legs is characterized by wide spread inner thigh ,reddish lesion ,with small perephral reddih spots ,itchy ,with macerated surface,usually associated with other body parts fungal infection like :under the nails or between the toes. this infection should be treated by: 1 - at least 2 weeks course of antifungal preparation (clotrimazole )derevetive. 2 - avoiding moist enviroment in the inner thigh region by the use of cotton under wears and application of local powdertodry the area. 3 - avoiding tight clothing like jeans . 4 - stop the use of medication which may aggrevate the problem like ,long course of antibiotics or systemic steroid 5 - if no response is obtained then you must be investigated for some problems like diabetis mellitus or anemia.....http://www.gulfmd.com/images/up_arrow1.gif
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  • Hyperpigmentation can also be caused by endocrine issues such as low cortisol. Have you had that looked into?
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