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Im not sure whats wroung with me.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 19, 2011
  • 06:54 AM

Hi my name is Zach and im 15 years old. My problems started to occur to me at a young age. It all started in my friends basement about 10 years old we would play hide and seek with no lights. Ive always been scared of the dark still to this day. And i would hear things/voices that no one heard or see things no one saw. But then when i was about 12 years old i was home alone around 9:30pm i thought i heard someone in my parents room making noices and talkign so i freaked out and ran to a friends house a cried. Now for the past 4-6 months everytime i hear these "voices" i get scared and cry. I dont know what to do i think i know whos talking never actually seen these people but I have a mental picture of the two people but im no good at drawing. The second person is new i have never invisioned him till about 2 months ago when i saw the movie Incidious ever sense then my scares have been even worse. And its been getting worse day by day. I cant ever focus on things. Even while having sexual intercourse i was scared because i heard a bang or voices. I read these panflites on ADHD, OCD, Physcosis. People all the time tell me I have ADHD but thats because I cant focus or sit till. Ive also recently thoguht that i might have Anxiety. Please is you know what is wroung or have had some of the same systopms please reply. Thanks in Advance, Zach

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  • Zach, you don't say where you live -what country.It's probably true that what you are hearing is not actually people taking. A lot of sounds -like running water in the bath tub- sound like someone talking in another room or another part of the room you're in. This is a very common experience for most people, and I am not sure what the scientific explanation for it is. The first time I heard it, I was sure that I could hear my neighbors talking through the walls! When I turned off the water, the "voices" stopped, proving that it was actually the sound of the water. I do not hear voices, but I do have aspergers, which is related to ADHD, and also related to autism. NONE of these conditions are mental illness!! They are ways of seeing the world and processing information in a different way from people who do not have these conditions. People with aspergers, autism and ADHD have brains that process information differently because their brains actually use sugars and other chemicals differently.Anxiety can be a symptom with all these conditions. But people can learn how to manage anxiety -not get rid of it, but learn how to work with it or around it, so that it does not run their lives. They are called "conditions" because they are NOT illnesses. You know how some people can eat anything they want and as much as they want, and not gain weight? And how some people just look at food and seem to gain weight? Usually, neither of these people will actually have any real illness or disease, it's just that people burn calories at different speeds because their bodies have faster or slower metabolisms (how fast your body uses up calories). I m not crazy, I just see the world differently than a lot of people. The trick to being in a world where most people do not see things the way I do is to learn little tricks to get by. I have had to learn to be patient with people who do not think as fast as I do. In school, I found that I did not earn the same way that other people do -I have to write things down on paper in my own words, in order to be able to memorize them. These little tricks, no matter what your root difficulties are, can be learned. They can be learned from special teachers that understand about students with ADHD and other conditions.If you are in the US, your school counselor is a good resource of information for you. You might want to simply say that you would like to get some information about ADHD -rather than say "I hear voices". Ask him or her if there is someone that you could talk to about ADHD, who might explain some ways to help you with your school work. That would a good way to get information and find someone to talk to without people making an assumption about what is going on. If you are in the UK, there are some youth organizations that might be helpful to you. Your local CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) has lots of information about youth organizations that can steer you in the right direction. CAB is free and confidential (private). You sound like such a nice person. But it may help if you can find someone to talk to face-to-face. A youth group that may be able to help might also be found in the Yellow Pages of your phone book. Look under "Youth Services" or "Youth Counseling Services".Have you tried ignoring the sounds of voices you think you hear? If you look around you in the room and the rooms nearby, and you see no one, you can safely assume that it was just a background sound that you mistook for another sound. And then go about your business. My guess is, if you ignore it, nothing will happen, and if you ignore it enough times, it will stop. Another thought is that..... sometimes (everyone) has an experience that frightens them. Later, when they have a similar experience, the same feelings come up, even though the experience is not the same. This is called "conditioning" -- an emotional response to a stimulus. like the famous dog belonging to Pavlov....http://www.understand-andcure-anxietyattacks-panicattacks-depression.com/Pavlovs-dog.htmlWhen I was small, I was thrown in a pool in very deep water and nearly drowned. Now, I am very frightened of the water, even though I was a fantastic swimmer before this experience. I know how to swim, but my fear response to water is bigger than my ability to swim. My fear of water is so big, that I get anxious just thinking about being in the ocean or a swimming pool. But I know that this fear is only my emotional response to a memory and has nothing to do with what is happening NOW. Write back and let us know how you are and what you have found for information.
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