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Iatrogenic pneumothorax during spine injections

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  • Posted By: world peace
  • June 22, 2007
  • 06:42 PM

Hi, I would be grateful for any input as feel like i'm getting the "run around" from our medical community. (is there an "amber alert" for all medical misadventures?) I've been to 3 hospitals and no longer have a primary physician, because he acts so different then prior to medical misadventure. I love that term that the medical community uses. To bad we can't apply it in all professions (ie: bank teller, money doesn't balance misadventure.)
On 1/10/07 while getting spinal injections for scoliosis my left lung was cut or punctured. I assume cut as glue and drain were used with chest tube. (info gathered on net,) Iatrogenic (cut or puncture) needs to be large to require drain or glue. I watched my blood pressure jump to 148/88 where i have always been 113/70, Pulseoximeter was first placed on finger, read 69,67,59 then X-rays,sitting waiting to see if turned out with garbage can between my legs. (I had no knowledge of oxygen deprived blood or would of screamed for oxygen...gasp) cardio-vascular inserted chest tube with drain. one night in hospital. X-ray following morning showed pneumothorax resolved. Went home. that evening had shortness of breath talked to cardio who agreed to meet me in x-ray following morning. after x-rays he said down just a little will come back on it's own,no need for chest tube.
30 day restrictions weight, scuba diving, flying, intercourse post op check-up with ortho in 2 weeks.
Ever since pneu almost 6 months ago I still feel bad. my once stable B/P is all over the place always higher than prior to pneu.(like 18 points), my left leg swelled and is now different than my right leg. While at one of the nations top 10 hospitals my left hand was starting to swell. Dr.(cardio) said looks painful. Why did I make appointment with him advised left leg had swelled now misshapen. B/P all over, no sweat under left arm pit, trouble urinating, low grade fever. my temp was 97.6 now it 99.?. pain on both sides of lower back. 2nd hospital to leave in tears told me my "pipes are getting old". I'm 51, and was in very good shape. I walk 4 1/2 miles most days, was carrying weights. Stopped since swelling of left hand I also have bad habit smoking. quit many times prior to pneu now no smoking.One month prior to pneu had echo cardio stress results were strong heart. Had spydometry sp? where you blow and exhale into tube which measures on screen, again very good results. Felt wonderful other than pain associated with scoliosis, when doing a lot of physical labor. My sweat is coming back under left arm pit when i'm doing my cardio. YEAH! I'm urinating more. But still erratic blood pressure, misshapen leg, edema around both ankles, low grade fever, back pain, and pain on left side of neck carotoid artery. No physician will tell me why during chest tube insertion woman behind me held that artery so hard i bruised (or wouldn't of noticed her finger nail marks) which to this day I still have. They just look like freckles.
I know I'm not the only pebble on the beach, but I'm getting down right scared. Especially after Dr. visit, some of the B.S. I've heard. ie: leg is swollen because I walk the same road daily. Two Drs. tolds me I'm getting old
I apologize for any misspelling or rambling as brain is one of organs affected by oxygen deprived blood. Brain, kidney, heart, liver. My blood tests are coming back within normal ranges.
Should I continue to find diagnosis or just forget 25 years of wellness, knowing your numbers, etc. HELP! I've had 2 Drs. tell me to stay off computer, I'm totally computer challenged, but with wellness in mind started doing my own research as I was getting Jack ___ from Doctors.
Thank you for your time, world peace.

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