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I think I may MODY this is my story

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 9, 2007
  • 02:07 PM

I was DN on 12/05 as a type 2 diabetic since then I have been running back and forth to the Doctors and endoctringolists and to my internist looking for help. I have seen over 8 doctors over all in the past year. But no one was listening they just saw that my A1C was high and assume that I wasn't eating right or taking care of myself or taking my meds.
It actually turned out that I am rare case . I have lost over 40 pounds and I am now considered underweight by their BMI charts. I was losing 2 pounds every two weeks. Until my internist placed me on steriods, 10 mg once a day. I have been 2,000 met, 8 mg advandia, 8mg of amaryl and 300 units of Novolog an 60 units of lantus all at the same time and yet my sugars could'n'tstay under 250. Which is weird to say the least. Even weirder I feel great! No fatigue no pains nothing. I have never been hospitalized for high sugars and I have'nt missed a day of work due due to any complications. Actually this is due to the grace of the Lord. But I haven't been ill due to the high sugars.
At the begining of this year I finally switched to a endocrinlogy team that found out that I make 20% more insulin than person that does'nt have diabetes. So what's my problem right if I am creating all this insulin? It's not getting into my cells for some reason. Nothing seems to works. They have sent my blood to the DCC, Cornel university,had me checked for adrenal glands and corstione levels, lupus antibodies and other antibodies but yet they have no answers. Currently they want to do testing but none of the labs are doing these insulin antibody testing. So I'm waiting until they can find someone to do the testing. In the meantime we are hoping the steriods will combat what ever is wrong with my system( I have been taking them for 1 1.2 half) and hope that I will be able to gain at least 10 to 15 pounds while I'm on them.I do not exhibit any of the syptoms of insulin resistance patient. My current blood work shows that my organs are fine although I have had a A1C of 11.6 for over a year.
Have anyone heard of such a case? If so please let me know. My doctors are dilgently searching for an an answer but they are stumped because they have no case study to compare their finding too.

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