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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 8, 2007
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My mother recently had a minor stroke. It wasn't caused by a blockage, but by too many toxins in her blood, which I've never heard of happening. She has Type 2 diabetes, is grossly overweight and her liver is not functioning properly. The stroke affected her left side, but not her speech. She waited almost a week before going to the doctor. Immediately after the stroke, she had use of her left arm and leg, but not too much control. She has been in physical therapy for the past 20 days, but is getting worse, instead of either remaining stable or improving. She is left-handed, refuses to even use her right hand (won't feed herself or perform any personal hygiene) and is not cooperating with her therapists. She does everything she can to get out of her therapy sessions, including defacating all over the equipment (claiming that the stroke has caused her to lose the ability to control her bodily functions). She has been so unpleasant to the staff, that no one wants to be in charge of her care and is doing everything she can think of so they'll just release her. I need to know if its possible that the toxins in her brain would cause this deterioration or if its psychological. My mother has always been a bit of a hypochondriac, exaggerating her symptoms or making stuff up to gain sympathy, so it's hard to know if things are as bad as she's making out, or if she's faking. When I talk to the therapists, they all say that there is no physiological reason for her deterioration, since they have been monitoring the toxins in her blood and there hasn't been any new event to cause her regression. My dad says she's just given up on herself, but also believes that her worsening condition is because of the toxins in her blood, not because she's mental. If anyone knows how toxins, specifically ammonia, in the blood can affect motor functions, reasoning skills, etc. please let me know. I've tried to find info online with no luck. Thanks.

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  • I am not a doc or nurse but if hypochondriac mom is past menopause/and attention seeking..check out her meds..docs commonly prescribe crap that actually causes toxins in immuno suppressed people. I suggest you find out what toxins are potentially building up in your mom. Make sure her condition is medically well documented and you/any other care giver has some "proff" of her toxic condition.My newborn son(s) were treated in hospital with drugs that likely caused their symptoms. Were treated with more drugs that cause other symptoms/conditions. My infant son died at 7 weeks old. He was in neo intensive care for the first ten days of life and was released presumably healthy. He died at home 5 weeks later. He was found to have methanol/formic acid poisoning. We are now suspects in his death. Upon conducting literally hundreds of hours of research we have found that every conition our son had could cause "toxins" to build up. Cops/Family services and medical people will not listen. Look up metabolic acidosis..there are tons of different types..find out exactly what toxins docs say are building up. You don't want your life destroyed by false allegations. Coroners/cops/and medical people are always looking for someone to blame and often overlook the obvious.Here's how it seems to work in canada. Doc give treatments-ignore all warnings on drug lables, give people drugs that should not be given to certain individuals. The person dies, the cops send in forensic's who detect the toxic residues of the "medical treatment". They consult with the exact same docs that caused the problem. Then they send the "remains" to Docs who work for the same corporation (hospital) for tests which confirm the cause of death to be toxic. Then the medical people put the same chemicals/methanol/formic acid/formeldhyde into the body of the deceased loved one, draw "blood" from the same organs they contaminated and ask "who, how, where, when, why you poisoned your family member. They refuse to review the patients conditions/medications that could have caused the death and accuse the loving family members. It happens. dont mess around with Docs and toxic conditions. Get it in writting. Get copies of tests done that confirm toxic state of mom. In my research I have found numerous toxins created by body not functioning properly. Kidney, lung, brain all produce toxins that can make innocent families look like killers. Google "Yurko", Patti Stallings and a host of other families like mine and potentially yours if you're not careful.
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