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I need advice/help- confused.

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  • Posted By: Jamieann007
  • March 6, 2008
  • 07:45 AM

Ok so my name is Jamie and I am 22 years of age. I don't even know where to start.. When I was born. I was born with a lazy eye and had to have two bilateral eye muscle surgeries. I am legally blind without contacts or glasses. when I was about 7 I fell off a fairistwheel at the fair.. I was only 5 feet in the air but fell pretty hard for being a kid and all.. my knees were bruised for a long time. then in about sixth grade I had a problem with my knees. they swell really bad. I was also 5ft 5 inches in 6th grade so I was pretty tall.. so I went to shriners hospital for children and they said it was arthritis and I am not sure that it is.. they did a lot of tests and everything and thats what they came up with but for some reason I think it could be from the fall I had as a child.. so then the day before freshman year in high school started I was admitted into the hospital for what doctors believed was a cyst on my ovary.. they thought it could have been an apendicitis which was why I was admitted.. but then they said that they found fluid around my right ovary and so on.. so from freshman year all the way up till junior year.. I was in and out of the hospital with serious pain.. they kept telling me it was a cyst.. so I ended up missing a lot of school I was so tired and everytime I ate I would barf.. it got to the point where everyone thought I was faking It wasn't until I was sitting in class after lunch and had to book it to the bathroom because I was vommitting blood.. I go to the nurse and she was going to send me away until I barfed on her floor. she took my temp and it was 104 so my mom leaves work early and takes me to the hospital.. I they does blood work and comes in the room presses on my stomach and he asked me if I ever had a cyst on my ovary?? he said it was that and sent me home. he didn't even tell me my blood work was off so then a few days later I am still super bad so I go in to the ER and what are the odds I would have the same doc.. he tells me he wants to do a pelvic exam and I told him he bumped his head.. I told him I wanted an ultra sound done and I wanted him to look at my whole right side. and he was kinda mad that I was telling him how to do his job but he complied.. so I am in there and the lady is looking up around my liver and she presses and area and she was like "does that hurt where I am pressing?" I am like well yeah.. and she did something that ultra sound people are not allowed to do.. she was like "you have gallstones." so she asked me to not tell the doc what she told me so I suck up the tears and go back to my room and he comes in and he was so stupid.. he tells me about it and few days prior i was vommitting blood and stuff.. so mom said she wanted it out asap and you know what he said? he was like "well we cant do that because its not an emergency, she is not vommitting blood or has a fever" then my mom asks him how soon i had to get it removed and he said within the next year.. so I see a surgeon and he looked at the pictures and told me that he was going to put me in asap so during the pre op appointment.. I ask him "while you are in there can you take my appendix and check out my ovaries?" he agreed.. so I come out of surgery and when I am coherent he tells me its a good thing we had it done when we did because one more gall stone attack and I would have died.. apparently it was so impacted that they had to remove a lot of the stones while it was still in my body else they wouldnt have been able to pull it out.. apparently it was about to explode.. and then.. he says this "oh and about your ovaries.. well believe it or not you did have a cyst on your ovary but it ruptured and now there is a whole bunch of fluid around your ovary.." can you believe that.. gall stones and a cyst at the same time? holy crap... so I thought that would be the end of my problems

So after that.. I started getting kidney infections and kidney stones and I had problems with my digestive system..still do. they say its IBS and then while I was getting that checked out.. i am in serious pain again in my gall bladder area.. seriously felt like i had my gall bladder again.. so i see a GI doc and he had to do an ECRP thats where they go down their throat and of course I had disfincto order disfunction.. my bile duct that was attached to my gall bladder at one point wasn't pushing the bile through so it was getting backed up and he had to cut the duct..

At one point .. I was in a lot of female pain again.. so my doc refers me to the greatest OBGYN ever and he decides within the first visit to do a laporoscopy so we get it done.. I have endometriosis.. and apparently it was really bad.. so he decided my treatment would be the lupron depo.. its a shot a month for 6months but it induces menepause for 6months and supposidly it shrinks the endomitrium so i was doing fine.. no pain cuz nothing was working as far as my reproductive organs were concerned.. so six months later i come off the shot and everything starts working and omg.. I was in the worst pain i had ever felt in my life.. i go to the hospital and they did a CT and found a cyst on my ovary so back to the OBGYN i tell him im in the worst pain ever so he admits me right away.. like i left his office and went straight to the hospital he said he wanted to do surgery the next morning to take a look and remove the cyst and he had mentioned possibly removing my ovary and told him if he needed to so I come out and the cyst was not 4cm it was 6 the size of a softball and it was so heavy that it started twisting cutting off all blood circulation to my ovary so when he went in there my ovary was dead.. so he had to remove it.. he said the endometriosis was gone though..

Then I have insomnia really bad I don't know if it has anything to do with the post traumatic stress disorder that i have or if its anxiety or some kind of medical problem from something to do with my body.. I probably have had post traumatic stress disorder since I was about two so in 2006 I got help for it and they put me on all this medicine.. well then I started getting sick again.. abdominal pain rashes on my arms and they even tested me for lupus.. they did that because my freshman year in high school i tested borderline for it but when they ran more tests i didnt have it but they decided to check again and it was negative.. so it turns out I was extremely over medicated.. I think the reason that happened was because while in the hospital being treated for the syndrome and everything..it turns out my heart rate was 152 didnt feel weird and was laying in bed the doc thought it was from anxiety.. and I never had a high heart rate before.. it wasn't until something really significant in my life happened that i started running a high heart rate so he put me on all of these medications and plus they couldnt get the insomnia under control I have had insomnia since freshman year in high school the highest my heart rate has been was 162 and the lowest is about 115 I know i dont have hyperthyroidism because i had to take medication cuz it was hypo as in working less than it should.. but i ended up stopping all medication cuz it made me ill it also made me gain a crap load of weight if it is from anxiety and i was on all these meds that are supposed to help it how did i still have a high heart rate while on that medication? and something else that is really weird before i started taking psych meds.. every once in a while i would have serious chest pain.. it kinda feels like heartburn but it also hurts under my rib cage like its my lungs or something it just feels really tight and what happens is i will hurt really bad then it will go away for a few minutes and then come back.. and it will do that until I throw up.. ill start throwing up and then stop then do it again until there is nothing more to throw up so when i get to the point where theres nothing to throw up anymore it goes away.. and i dont recall it happening while on the meds now its happening again.. and a while back i wondered if it was like an anxiety attack but i feel no different.. i dont feel stressed out or anxious.. most of the time i am just sitting there.. like one time i was in my room eating popcorn on my bed while watching tv and it happened out of no where.

I noticed that my left pinky finger and ring finger were numb.. I figured it was a pinched nerve but in pain

The doc wanted to do xrays I didn't think he would find anything though cuz you can't see nerves on xrays.. so he does three xrays his nurse puts the xrays up and He came in and said "so what do you think?" and I am like "well looks normal to me??" in every xray he found a problem..

He points to the first xray.. "see your neck here?" I was like "yeah?" he said "well most people have a curve in their neck.. yours is straight" the next xray: you know how if you were to look at a spine.. down the back part there are these spike things.. well there is a vertibre in the middle of my neck and it is comepletely shifted to the right.. where the spike part is right under my ear the final xray I had to keep my mouth open wide so they could see the vertibres under my skull.. the one right under my skull.. well that one vertibre was shifted like a teeder todder comepletely sideways.. so I went a total of three or four times I have not been able to make it back my hand is still numb and my arm is kind of too and the other hand is starting to go numb and i am in pain.. so I dont know how it happened.. but all i know is it hurts

i dont know if all of this stuff is inner related or if its all seperate from each other but what i do know is im sick of doctors screwing me over so for a while I have been staying clear of doctors and hospitals.. i can't trust em.

Well if you read this whole thing i really thank you for taking the time.. I am seriously having issues and have no idea what to do or where to start. but once again thank you thank you thank you.

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