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I have many diagnosis, but no cause for that!

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  • Posted By: yelena234
  • November 28, 2006
  • 01:25 PM

Hello to all,
I have got with 16 years double Sinusitis inflammation: frontalis and maxillaris. Frontalis was cured, but maxillaris stayed till today. All therapies didn't help. I was always sleepy, had (and still) eyes and face pains.
With 25 years (was working in Germany), went first time to one Neurologist. He looked at me, asked short question, and then gave me injection on the place between neck and shoulder, on the right side. As I remember, diagnosis was:
Trigeminal Neuralgia.
I was there maybe 15-20 minutes, and all my pains were disappeared. No more pressure in the eyes and face. That was MIRACLE for me. My swollen face became nice, beautifull, and I didn't believe, that is me (it is pity, I don't have photo from that time).
After that, I was good for about five years. I have started to live normal life, met my fiance from USA (but didn't get Visit Visa). After him, I met the most important man of my life. The fate has brought us to different sides: he went back to his Country, to the Army, and me, I was working on my departure to Montreal. There, I felt again in love. But then, I was affraid of the winter, and after five months came back to Germany.
With 30 years, I came back to my home Country, and was feeling, as I lost all in my life. I was like a Zombi.
My pains came slowly back. I forgot, that Neurologist did help me. Again, I have visited ORL doctors, altough nobody, never did help me.
One year after arrival to the home, I have started to work in Tourism. First, on Croatia Coast, and since 1979 in Slovenia, in the most beautifull area, I have seen. There is the only place, where is summer and winter season. In winter i was working at the Reception Desk, in the Hotel, 1600 m height. I felt much better, than in the valley. In the summer was in the valley, in different Hotels, where is lake, 4,4 km long.
December 1982, I have moved to the Hotel, about 30 m from the Lake, and my pains came back, more and more. I was sleepy, again eyes and face pains. My face was swollen, strange, as it not mine.
1986, went to the ORL Hospital, on the coast. I have got five diagnosis.
Three of them:
Sinusitis maxill.chr.cath.
Rhinitis chr.hypertr.et sicca anter. and
Septi Nasi Deviatio (was operated, 1990).
Doctor took away a lot of dense mucus, but pains were the same after about four different therapies.
1989, I have sent all five diagnosis to ORL Zurich, Switzerland. They wrote to me, I have to find cause for all this pains. As I did read so much about health, I have asked my doctor, to make blood test for Thyroid. I was right: diagnosis was:
Next year (in my mind came this Neuralgia Trigeminus, from Germany), I went to young lady doctor, Neurologist. She told me, that is not Trigeminal Neuralgia. At least, not typical. She gave me Tegretol, after what I felt very bad.
During the years, I have visited at least one or two different specialists.
1994, ORL doctor was the first one, who wrote, that I have:
Neuralgia Trigeminal 1.and 2. and
Rhinosinusitis vasomotoria.
1994, chief doctor in the Centre for pains therapy told me, I have to move from the Alps valley, because here is no Yod, and because all my spine is blocked (circulation). The same year, jaw Surgeon told me, that my pains come from the face nerves, and I have to watch myself from cold water, wind etc.
1996, I went first time to the Chiropractic. He was from Russia, and looked into my IRIS (eye), and told me, there is something wrong with my liver. it is true, I have
few cysts on the right liver.
From then on I went to more Chiropractics, untill 2001. There was (from 1997-1999) the best doctor, I have ever met, one Neurologist from Moscau, Russia. He has explained, that my Sinusitis max. is not cured, he can help me with Bioenergy (the only doctor). I didn't believe then in Bioenergy. Today, I do. He told me, that my Sinusitis is from Neuralgia Suprascapularis, and Trigeminal Neuralgia is from Sinusitis max. He did help me with injection on the same place, like doctor in Germany. This time was good twice a 6 months.
Orthopaedist gave me another diagnosis, for which I think, is main reason for all this pains:
Enthesopatia (Myalgia) Levator Scapula.
This shoulder muscle is going up to the right ear. Just this muscle is very painfull. There, between neck and shoulder (all right side), I have very hard and tense muscle. When I make massage of this place, my face become all swollen.
Head CT, 1994 and 2001 has shown:
Head Atrophy.
X-rays and Head CT, 2001 has also shown, that I have:
3 cm big areal sclerosis on the right occipitalis.
2003, x-rays has shown, that I have:
Benign tumour on the right shoulder joint.
2004, I was in the Hospital, they made scintigraphy, and there was nothing on my bones. Otherwise, they would operate this tumour. I have very often pains from this shoulder joint straight on to my right eye.
2005, in the Hospital, Austria, Tirologist told me:
I was born with small Thyroid.
2006, in the Hospital, South Germany, I had Head MR (have CD) where is:
VEIN, 10x11mm.
Doctor told me, all my pains are from the neck muscles.

December 2000, I had terrible headache from the top till eyes, face, shoulder. I had more therapies, and nothing did help me. I have left my job (May 2001) and moved, 60 km away, again in the valley. I must say, that I tried in last years suicide, four times. First time was with 23 years and 9 months, in Germany. As I didn't get any money from the Employment Office, had to live from my savings. In May 2002 went to the Employment office here, and have got Social Help, which is today, 200,- euro. It could be good, if I wouldn't have Bank Loan. So now, I have debts over 10.000 euro, and terrible pains. I would like to go to London, to work there and make special Medical Research, to see what is wrong with me.
I speak fluent German, French, a bit Spanish, and my two languages.

I believe, that my story will read somebody, who can help me in some way.

Thank you in advance,

p.s My photo is with pains, I have also without pains.

p.s. I see, that I use many times I and I have. Sorry for that.

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