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I can't get a diagnosis, please help me

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 10, 2007
  • 04:06 PM

I have leg pain,veins sometimes constrict and are seen viseablyand are dark in colour. There is also weakness in both legs. I'm always tired and I have pain in lower back and shoulders and neck. I have MVP. Asmtha. Been to doctors and they don't know. Over the last 6 years, my health has been going down hill. Some days are good. But I live with pain everyday.

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  • Pls note that below are only my understanding. DO not take it as a diagnosis. -MVP=Mitral valve prolapse? -WHen your mitral valve cannot pump blood sufficiently, you may have some emboli (blood clot) forming due to pooling of blood in the heart chambers because blood doesnt go through all at once as it supposes to. But to your pain, I assume that you do not have enough blood and oxygen resulted from both MVP (not enough blood and oxygen to body) and asthma (lack of oxygen ), that is why you have the pain."veins sometimes constrict and are seen viseablyand are dark in colour"-Here is thelink of some VARICOSE VEINS pictures (I dont advertise, just give a pic of if that looks the same): http://www.veinhelp.com/beforeAndAfter.htm Maybe you have venous valvular prolapse or insufficiency. This occurs when you stand for a long period, you'r obese, pregnant, or from herditary.Normally our vein have a valve that prevent backflow of blood (regurgitation). Deoxygenated (green) Blood in vein will go from the end (distal) of body towward heart to get oxygenated. The valve of vein prolapse, or not closing tightly, and allows blood to poll or backflow to the feet again. Signs can be blackened veins (deoxygenated blood stasis or not moving), pain with dull aching, esp. after standing but relieved when moving again or elevating above heart to increase blood return, and some edema (swelling). -If this is true, it may be dangerous because gangerine (rotten-not sure spelling) and ulceration because of lack of oxygen and blood circulation.Some tip: avoid standing for too lonf, lose weight if overweight, elevate (higer) leg above heart level i.e. put feet on couple pillows when lying down so blood can return easier through gravity, use of thigh-high compression or antiembolism stocking (same as sock but not sure what the difference is) it is to help return blood and reduce venous stasis.I hope this helps. But since your doc couldnt give you a diagonosis. I m afraid there is nothing else I can be of help. Besides,they know more than me.
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