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I can't get a diagnosis

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  • Posted By: wishful1always
  • April 16, 2013
  • 03:41 PM

First off, THANK YOU FOR THIS WEBSITE! I am thankful to whom ever will try and give me advice on where to go. I am a 45 year old single mom of two awesome kids. I was born with a birth defect; known as an arachnoid cyst. I did not walk or talk until after the age of 2. My parents, being young teenagers with a baby never questioned my baby head size or why I wasn't doing what babies normally do. My mother even ignored my seizures as I aged over the years. What saved my life was a drunk driver hitting /crashing into my friends car head on. I was in the passanger seat; had 8 fractures to the pelvis and massive head injuries that saved my life. I had brain surgery at John Hopkins.I have had 3 more since then; last one being a VP shunt placed in to help take the spinal fluid off (pressure) my brain. In 2003 I had a work related injury, but it's not in my character to make claims as such. I dropped $500 (box of rolled quarters)by accident on my right foot. I worked as a teller manager and my cash shipment came in. I was putting my coin in the vault when I lost feeling in my hands. The entire box fell on my right foot, as time went on my foot would not go in my heels the swelling became enormous. I went to a podiatris who said I had a tumor in my foot, he started injections immediately. The swelling became worse then I went to an orthopedic doctor only to find out my foot was severely broken. I was put in a cast and bed rest for 12 weeks. In 2009 my right hand started doing abnormal functions. My left finger started bending as if it was a crab claw. My toes on both feet are in extreme crab claw shape. My feet/bones are shifting extremely. I now have an S shape spine. Scoliosis has always ran in my family, but when I was a teenager and was checked for it; I was told I did not have it, so why is it showing up on the mri now? I had surgery on my right hand in 2010; 3 times. Only to have my middle finger amputated all the way up to my wrist. I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and osteomylitis. My hand surgeon sent me to MD Anderson and is still not pleased with them because he wanted them to do more tests and they didn't. I have something that is rare.I know if my bone marrow were to be extracted I think that could help along with my blood, but no such luck. I guess its because I am dirt poor? On medicare? I am willing to do any patient volunteer trials, but it seems I am a reject because of my health (seizures).Yes, I have ADHD according to my neurologist. I do tell the truth at all times. If anyone can get me in the right direction I greatly appreciate it.Here is my current health symptoms:massive pain in neck which is causing extreme heavy weight on upper shoulders, vision problems-can't see anything close to me, meaning I can't read must use a magnifing lense too make letters large, extreme swelling of right side of body going on-especially in my foot/ankle?; having balance issues, massive extreme headaches-I have told my neurologist, but I guess he doesn't care or just doesn't take me serious, massive diarrhea immediately after eating or I vomit-I get sternum chest pain when I take a bite of food or gulp water? I use a heating pad for my neck and my entire body! I am in extreme pain! I have trouble going too sleep because my headaches are SO EXTREMELY BAD! HELP!!! THANKS!!!

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