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I am sure its not depression? but what could it be please help

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  • Posted By: Ouarezki
  • May 12, 2012
  • 02:06 PM

So back in 2009, during my big school exams ( i was 17 at the time) i was diagnosed with depression. The doctor said that i had been "clogging up" my feelings and emotions until my body could take it no longer and became overly anxious and depressed. (he based this on a taumatizing event that happened three years prior to my depression....an event that i got over but apparantly came back to haunt me!)
I have always been a poor eater and since my teenage years i get episodes where i would loose my apetite (food would actually make me sick) and all interests in life, i'd also feel tired during this short episodes. So before i was diagnosed with depression i was feeling dizzy, nauseaus, sad and restless, i was also extremly anxious and scared for no apparant reason, my need to vomit gave me headaches as i was never able to vomit anything out. The worrying thing is that i was doing very well in school, i was social and very happy, quite confident about myself too. I did some blood tests for hepatits and other things that came back relatively normal. So then i became "depressed"....i started to question my existance, have crazy thoughts, be scared of socializing and all other typical symptoms of depression. So after i took a small dose of "deroxat" and "remeron" i felt miraculasly better, but it all felt artifical to me. During the last three years i dug up all my feelings and was unable to show emotion, sexual desires came spontaniously and the need to cry was everlasting. The doctor finally decided to take down my dose and he would only see me every couple of months, for very brief sessions.
Now its Mai of 2012 and ALL off my symptoms are back but worse: horrible thoughts, anxiety, crying, diarreah, loss of apetite, restlessness, lack of concetration, fatigue, sleepeness. What could this be
PS. back in 2009 i passed my exams before getting diagnosed and surpisingly enough i was top third out of most schools, that is: 14.5/20....so i couldnt have been depressed right?

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  • Hi there i responded to someone else regarding stomach problems with this , check it out , might want to concider all that along emetophobia (fear of vomitiming) , i figured i had that for a long time too but after research and experience , it goes to a much simpler fear , its actually fear of losing control (of my own body in my case) But to be shy to reply i check back often and give you trick that helped me.Because trust me i know those feelings.I'm 24 and basicaly was in Olympian shape prior to Feb 1st where i caught what was later found to be a gastro and it just crumbled ever since. I had no history prior to that event , the only time i threw up was a long 5 years before and it was because of an intoxication and then that day came where it happened. Ever since i've been feeling bloated , inconsistent bowel movement and every discomfort you can think off. I am closely followed since it is the second time i return from Afghanistan , so trust me i can handle alot of pain and can't stand feel weak. What i've been told is that it is a mix of things( yeah i know , how accurate....) First mate, look how your daily routine might have changed either radically or evolved into something that make you feel uneasy, like a new climax at work , new responsibilities, co-workers, all those things taken individually can be managed but when added to inner physical problem leads to obsession. So they did no tell me it's in my head , but yes at the same time it is (let me explain more) , your digestive system is not controlled by you directly as you can't tell your stomach to empty itself as lifting a finger. But it is connected to your nervous system, i know first hand that upon an intense stress trigger the first reflex of the digestive tract is to empty itself (both ends, ex: often when a soldier is hit or have an intense trauma it happens..) So the only thing you can do to help inconsistency is reduce stress, some pills helps redirect your system in the right direction , like re-training your digestion and adjusting.Keep looking with your doctor , but you might want to expand with him/her about your current state in life. As male between 20 and 30 are prone to develop a lot of chronic problems based on rapid changes in life. And by the way if you had stool samples taken im sure at 99% that they checked for traces of HP and Colostrum Difficile as they checked that for me as well. Write me up anytime if you'd like to know more about my treatment. Cheers mate.
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  • It is okay . Breathe . You can have a bipolar disorder or you can be bulimic or anorexic . Go to a therapist or phsycaitrist whatever makes you more comfortable . Tell her or he your symptoms and calm down let them help you . Everything wil be okay . Good Luck Hun !
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  • Make sure you discuss all of the side effects with your doctor and ask if there are safer alternatives you can try.http://www.shoppharmacycounter.com/t-phentermine.aspx
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  • Have you had any testing done to make sure you do not have heavy metals poisoning? Many of your symptoms could be pointing to a physical, not mental problem.Here is a link showing the symptoms of mercury poisoning. I'm only sending this particular one because someone sent it to me during a discussion yesterday and a lot of your symptoms are up there. http://www.icnr.com/uam/MercuryToxicitySymptoms.htmlIf you go for a heavy metals test, Get the hair analysis done as opposed to the blood test as the blood test will only show recent exposures—because heavy metals migrate out of the blood and into the tissues. Great Plains labs has a heavy metals test and I have a nutritionist that can help you if you need it.Best of luck.
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