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I am SOOOOOO Confused and Frustrated...HELP

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  • Posted By: JessieZ
  • January 20, 2007
  • 02:22 AM

Well i am new to this sort of thing because I just got diagnosed with Crohns Disease about a week ago and I am still waiting my results from the biopsy's that were done.

This all started when i was about 10 or 11 when i started having problems with my stomach, i would get these horrible excrutiating pains and would cry because it hurt so bad, no one believed me, my dad, the doctors, no one. They could not figure out why a 10 year old would have the pains that I did when all of my blood tests were coming up normal. Not to mention that i would have bouts of diarrhea and constipation. they said that it was stress. WHAT!!!! A 10 YEAR OLD!!! after a couple of weeks of that I would be ok and go on as if I was ok and I think that is why no one believe the amount of pain that I would be in. But sure enough about a couple of years later it would hit again and this would continue into high school, when it got so bad that I would get fevers and back pain and would loose my appetite which led to me eventually developing a eating disorder because I just didnt want to eat anymore. I was diagnosed with UTI and Ovarian cysts, but no of those would answer the question of the stomach pain that i had near my belly button. That is when they thought it was my appendix. After a couple of tests that soon was ruled out, and again everyone didn't believe me, including the doctors. I was also misdiagnosed with appendix problems again in 2004 and turned out to be negative, they diagnosed me then with gastritis and told me to take antibiotics and rest, and that it will go away. But what these doctors don't understand is, it was not going away, it always came back

I am now 23 and have been dealing with this for well over 12 years. It got to the point in October of 2006 that it got really bad. I went to the doctors office for a check up on my asthma and she did a routine exam and poked around my stomach and once again i was in the same situation. My new doctor sent me for an emergency CT scan to make sure it was not my appendix because I also had a fever. The CT scan again came out negative, only this time my doctor admitted me into the hospital to make sure my fever broke and my pain stopped. A few days later a couple of specialists later (everyone from General surgeons, to GYN docs) they could not figure out my pain and my fever and why I was having diarrhea, nausea, and a slightly elevated white blood cell count. They were still thinking appendix, again they tested it and it was still negative. Then after ruling things out they thought to check my gallbladder because my Liver enzymes were also elevated. It turns out that I was having gallbladder problems, there was sludge and crystalization because everything was backing up. After surgery and a week in the hospital I was starting to feel better, I thought that all these problems were the gallbladder (heredity problem) and now it was gone so I will finally be ok. Well that was not to be, about a month later I was still having the pains and worse diarrhea and fever's and the same thing all over again. Only this time, I woke up with a 103 fever and I could not walk because the pain was sooooooo bad, I went to the doctor and they could not understand this and were frustrated and said that they could not do anything, after almost another misdiagnoses of appendicitis (the 5th time to be exact) I was sent home with an inflammed small bowel.

After this time I was finally referred to a GI doctor who after my whole history including blood in the stool and internal and outer hemmroids and did a colonscopy and an upper GI, after this he said that it was crohn's but is still unsure if there is something else going on which I am waiting on the results. He also found that I have a hiatal hernia, eroding in my esophagus and irritation at all different areas of the intestines includding the hemmroids. After all this time I have been suffering and no one ever listened to be and thought that I was making it up and finally I know for sure that it was not all in my head. I have also lost over 12 pounds in 2 weeks which was also alarming, but my stomach always seems to be swollen from all of the pains and such which never made any sense. I am always wiped out from all of this and it gets to be really embarrasing when these attacks happen at work because they see me literally running to the bathroom. And after all of these years, it took my dad watching a special on tv about crohn's that made him realize i had a problem. He told me that "I literaly saw you on the tv today, you have crohn's I know it" and that is what made me push to see the GI doc and sure enough the doctor said right away with all of my symptoms including joint pain and hair loss as well that it was crohn's. A while ago the doctors also misdiagnosed me with Ulcers ontop of all of the other misdiagnoses. It makes you wonder why these things happen and why can't they just figure it out.

Well I just got a letter in the mail from my colonscopy and upper GI results and it says that they found C-Difficile????? what is this and can this worsen symptoms.....does it cause these things?????

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  • C.difficile or Clostridium difficile is an anaerobic bacterium that secretes two toxins, toxin A and toxin B. It causes acute foul smelling diarrhea. It often gets a hold in the gut when someone has been taking antibiotics for a while and the antibiotics have killed the more normal helpful flora and this lets this baddy move in.It could be making your crohns disease worse.I hope you will soon be feeling better
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    • January 22, 2007
    • 03:43 PM
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