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I am only 21 yrs old.Help me please!!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 13, 2007
  • 09:38 AM

Over the years I have had a lot of strange things happen to me. Growing up I would get pains in my arms and legs that I was told were growing pains. The pain will just shoot through my arms and my legs then go away. When I turned a teenager I the nausea started. I would just get this bad taste in my mouth following by me getting nausea or I would simply just get nausea and like the pain it would just past. I also would get sharp pain headaches that would pass and chest pains that would do the same. The chest pain is right behind my left breast but not in my left breast. There are times when I have no desire to eat for a couple of days then there are days when it seems as if I can not fill myself. For some very odd reason I carry weight in my stomach even though I am not big. The only thing big on me is my stomach. I am now 21 years old and all this is still going on. Recently I started getting gyn problems which i never had.First it started out with a bacterial infection that caused a yeast infection that I can't get rid of. I feel like I am starting to get another one now. I was given two of the pink pills that you only have to take one of for a yeast infection. When I took them it seem like it made it worse. I had a lot lot lot of thick white discharge. Then the it turned watery and i could push this creamy white discharge out. I couple of weeks of ago i got sick went to the er found out I had/have? broncitis. Last week I started feeling extreme nausea that would not pass like all the times before. I came in the er they told me my potassium and blood pressure was low but my white blood cell count was high which means my body is fighting off and infection but they gave me no medicine for infection. They gave me saline,potassium pills, a script for nausea and told me to see my pcp. Today is Friday I have not eaten since tuesday i have no desire to eat. I have shortness of breathe, chest pain, left arm pain, chest pressure in the middle of my upper abd, when i cough i barely hear anything but when i breathe i wheeze, my voice comes and goes with no soreness, i have not pass a bowel movement in 4 days also. i get warm but have not fever. I was waking out of my sleep a couple of times by my spouce telling me my skin was freezing cold but I was pouring off sweat. It hurts when i breathe so i have to take swallow breathes its also hurts when I touch the middle of my upper abd. help me they tell me they can't find anything i need to know how to get some help where to look. I also had two separte incidents where my legs swelled up and bruised on there own out the blue. First the right one did it then the left.The Er found no clots and said i hit them even though they were a couple of months apart and the bruising staying on each foot till I got so use to them i didn't even notice they were gone. the right foot bruise stayed i know at least 3-4 months. OH and it wasn't my whole leg. the problem with both legs was on the in side of my leg below the knew and along the base of my foot. It was extremely painful and felt like it was burning on the left foot which was worse then the right. Please help me I know all of this has to be linked to something. I or these doctors just don't know what. I need help immediately I am scared I am only 21.

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