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I am a wreck/need help/advice

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  • Posted By: Ames 3
  • July 3, 2008
  • 01:27 AM

I really need some help. I have many symptoms and I believe they are all related to some mysterious illness that no simple country doctor around here has even heard of. Here I go. I have had Low level long term carbon monoxide poisioning twice,second time blood oxygen level was 85%. i have thinning skin, chronic headache,chronic diareahha, chronic nausea, low potassium, muscle quivers, muscle aches,agressivenss at times, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic low grade fever, joint pain, back pain that makes the outer side of my left leg and two smallest toes numb,slight hearing loss, added eye floaters, wheezing, coughing-usually wet,sometimes I feel as if my chest cavity if filling with fluid, Extreme exhaustion,despair,loss of bladder control, chronic heartburn and indigestion, low vitamin d, chronic insomnia, some memory loss,extreme sensitivity to cleaning chemicals/allergies,asthma,abdominal pain especially in LEFT side closest to bottom rib, sometimes so bad I can't even sleep on it,sense of impending doom,not seeing things right in front of me at times, inability to do more than one thing at a time, swelling of right jaw with splitting pain radiating up head and down neck, low vitamin d,erratic emotions. i am only 39 years old, sometimes my heart seems to take a little trot too, that is the best way I can explain it.

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  • Could be pancreas; get checked for diabetes and see a dentist for a possible root canal.
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  • Thanks monster love. I have had a root canal on a back tooth I broke on that side. Sometimes it feels like my crown is too tight. My dentist has looked at it several times and said it was fine, kinda feels off though.I have had some neck injury on that side about 20 years ago and wonder if that may have something to do with the pain also. ANYBODY ELSE please chime in. I am really receptive/desperate for any advice. :confused:
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  • Ames,It’s never a good idea having an infection around your teeth, even more so if you have so many other symptoms. I don’t think theneck injury on that side about 20 years ago could give tooth ache now. It is more plausible that the tooth with the root canal is causing it. It can be difficult to make a good root canal treatment in a molar, which has 2-3 canals. Can you describe where the swelling is? Was the root canal work done by a root canal specialist? Do you have any bleeding from the gingiva around the tooth?
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  • you need a second opinion on the root canal; a specialist may need to re-do it. The problem is that you seem to have someone else criticizing his own work. If the crown is too large, bacterial gathers around, setting up a permanent irritation and complications. Get a couple of other opinions; one with an endodontist. He may or may not comment on whether the crown is too large and needs to be replaced. If so, your original doctor should reimburse you for his failed work.
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  • There is no bleeding anywhere in my mouth.I definately agree with you both Felsen and monsterlove.I need to see an endodontist, but there is only one around here for about 5 counties and he will not file on insurance. He wants $700 cash up front for the first visit. That is why I had a regular dentist do the root canal in the first place. I can not come up with that much expendable money at one time and then I would have to wait 6-8 weeks for and appointment.I have had a rheumatologist tell me that I have TMJ in that jaw, and I was so shocked and disbelieving that he had his partner come in and without telling him which jaw the partner said the same thing.I don't know how I got that, I had braces as a teen and my teeth and jaw alignment are amazingly great, or so I've been told over the years by a couple of dentists.Keep on chiming in anytime, anyone I am so tired of spending my money going to different specialist that my GP sends me to, I am going broke. I live in the deep south, and in case you didn't know the healthcare here is questionable. I would like to find the right doctor and have him just treat ME, not this and that....You know? It's the right side of my face and it will swell up the whole jaw, is that TMJ? My gums on that side do swell,but I have no bleeding, it also swells down my neck into the lymp nodes. Then the pain shoots up to the temple.?????????????
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  • You may have a blocked saliva ducked which can rain havoic on a persons body have a new dentist check it out I would also be sure you are on a very good vitamin and take it twice a day for three days then back to one a day The pain you mention is radiating from the neve in the mouth and something needs to be checked again
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  • Ames,I wish I could help you, I really do.I’m not sure, I’m following the TMJ issue here. TMJ means temporo-mandibular joint, it’s the joint connecting your jaw with the base of your skull. Do you mean that they are suggesting arthritis in that joint? If so, how did they diagnose this? Have they taken an x-ray of the joint or is it from the clinical examination? What did the other guy look at that made him agree with the first guy?Also, is the molar in your upper or lower jaw?Is there a way that you can take a photo of your swelling and post it here? Do you have an x-ray picture of the molar? Is there a way that you can take a picture of it?I ‘d really like to help.
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  • Mikaerin I had suspected myself the same thing and you are right. I went to a dds, MRI in hand, and a few ulcers forming where it had been swollen for a while(ulcers were nothing per lab), I showed him the MRI because an ENT said nothing was wrong, and I am not a doctor, but you could clearly see that it was, several peers agreed with me when I showed it to them and they picked the spot right out.Anyway he said he would have a friend of his, that read all of his radiology and stuff, look at mine. Finally confirmation, I have and enlarge parotid gland on that side! Problem is it goes up and down and the doctors don't really want to remove it because it could permanently damage an important nerve there.I have put myself on Caltrate D, and Potassium supplements, because both my vitamin D and my potassium are low.My potassium/electrolites will not stay stabilized. i don't know why, I avoid all things that could make it go down, and yet it still does.--------Felson, Yes they said arthiritis, they found it during a clinical exam whereas they put their fingers on the outside of my jaw and had me move it around different ways, and they maneuvered it around in different ways. No they did not exray it. My gum is not swollen today, but when it does I wil be glad to take a picture and try to figure out how to post it on here. ANYONE ELSE, you all might as well know this story, i got very sick at a stressful job I was working at this PAST aug.,and tried to be tough and just ignore it as i was very needed at work at this time. I was exhausted, and could NOT get enough rest no matter how long I slept, My chest ached, I felt like I could hardly breath.When I couldn't take it anymore: after about 3 months I called my husband as soon as I got off of work and said drive me to the dr. My blood pressure was 172/132, I started crying and I mouthed to my husband I told you so! I had to quit work because they said they would fire me it I didn't and It took me over six weeks to get my BP straight.We're an at will state, they can fire me with not repercussions i've alredy found that out. I might as well tell you why I think all this is going haywire, I HOPE SINCERELY A LOT OF YOU WILL HAVE FEED BACK, I NEED TO HEAR IT!In Dec 1993, i was 8 mths. pregnagnt w/my son, my blood pressure started sliding up, and I had to be off of work on bed rest until I had him. I had been smelling a funny smell; where our central gas furnace had been placed in the crawlspace of my house; for quite some time I finally called the gas company to check it on Jan 10,94 It was so high the man was freaked out. needless to say he cut off my gas and said it was a wonder me and my baby weren't dead.I told my dr. at the time, although he did not document it, he told me that as soon as it got out of my system, the baby and i would be fine like 2 or 3 hours. Now do I know how wrong that was, but most doctors thought about it that way then, as i have found out about in my research of this.THEN again in the winter of 2003 I started having some weird symptoms, my vision was distorted my hearing was distorted, and i popped three new tires on my car trying to drive to work and be a good wife and mom,by not missing work. I popped all three tires within a week.*I was on medicine for a recurring resp. infec. off and on every two weeks from then til March, and I was taking a LOT of robitussin, because I was coughing so hard that my bladder could not hold up to it. I tried sleeping sitting up in a recliner for a while hopeing that I would be able to breath better therefore get some sleep and feel better.That didn't work either I finally felt as if I were going to die soon, and in march., after 4 months of this, I told my husband to take me to the doc. My blood oxygen level after I had sat in her waiting room for 3 hours was only 85%. I was in the hosp. 4 days.it took that long to get my oxygen level over 97% and my potassium back to low normal. Yes I was cherry red, but no one suspected carbon monoxide poisioning, and no carboxyhemoglobin level was taken to see what the CO level was in my blood. I did not realize what was going on in my own body even though I'd been through it before. After I got out of the hospital, by April it was hot. Our A/c went out. The man that came over to fix it( under the crawl space of my house, what idiot would do that? It was that way when we bought the house)immediately turned off the gas and came straight back out saying that it was leaking gas and carbon monoxide from the furnace(we'd had replaced in '93,same modol)the furnace had actually blown apart, and there was charring and MASSIVE amounts of soot under my house. It had actually been on fire and put itself out. THEN IT HIT ME I'VE HAD CARBON MONOXIDE POISIONING AGAIN!!! this time had been so much worse though. My husband has sleep apnea and sleeps with oxygen and has had no effect at all from it, unless forgetfulness is included, but he's been that way since the day i met him,and I have no Idea in this great world why my son wasn't killed, and do not care i'm just glad he's alive.AFTER THAT LONG STORY I HOPE YOU ARE STILL READING THIS. i think a lot of my problems stem from the damage done to my brain and other organs from the CO poisioning.I am still so VERY open to comments and advice, but I have no money for the doctor. My husband is supporting 3 people on less than 25k a year, and yea he has insurance, but we still have to pay 20% of every dr visit test and medication. I fell like a sorry mooch as it is and I refuse to run up any more doctor bills, as you see docs haven't gotten me very far as of yet. Please I am still wanting more feed back so don't stop. THANKS SO FAR EVERYONE!!!!!!
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  • Ames,I am really sorry for all what you’ve been through. Do I understand it right that they have concluded that you both have TMJ problems and parotid gland problems?Which part of your body is shown on the MRI images? MRI gives valuable information about joints, muscles and salivary glands.Please take a picture of the swelling next time it appears. Where do the ulcers show up? Inside your mouth? Please take a picture of them as well.You simply paste in your photo inside your post. It is not difficult.Best wishes
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  • Felson, yes from what I surmised from the dds, and the rheumatolgist, I believe they said that was having both parotid problems, and TMJ arthritis. I can not take ANY nsaid, because I am VERY allergic to them so that doesn't help when it swells. It feels as if it may swell today, so I may have a picture in a couple of days, if my husband can get a good pic of it. The ulcers come in the upper inside right of my mouth, right close to the bottom of where your sinuses rest., The lab said just from swelling, the dds was the one to find the enlarged parotid, the rhema... was the one to say TMJ, the rheum... said the swelling could be from either one,I asked.Haven't had the money to go back and get test results its like $200 upfront, thats my part.I wonder if it all has to do with the havoc the carbon monoxide has caused. I was exposed to low but significant levels for like 4 months. I forgot to add that I had passed out in the shower a couple of times in march '04. See how it screwed up my thinking? I never told a soul I was passing out. Didn't want them to worry! DUMB ME! Thanks and I'm still listening!!!p.s. the MrI was of my sinuses and face ordered by an ENT and he also notice the parotid, but said he did not do those anymore,he used to teach at Wisconsins Medical college whichever school that is. He is now only doing ENT stuff period. I called the dds myself and went to see him on my own, he did not know about the MRI until i got there and he had taken the ucers out to send to lab, then I asked if he saw something off with it and he said yes but he would have a radiologist that was a different one than the original reader, and better at it, to read it too. Thats when parotid came up. Hope that's what you were asking?!
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  • A regular dentist may or may not be good at doing root canals. You need to schedule an appointment with an endodondist in another county, then, and make sure they take insurance which usually pays 80%. He may decide he needs to cut through the gum to get all the roots left behind by the dentist. Part of your problem is a failed root canal and a large crown, allowing more bacteria to enter and fester up. Call around and if you have to drive, you have to in order to fix the tooth.
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  • Monbsterlove, I felt like that was the problem,just couldn't get my mind around how to explain that. I will be looking for a periodontist, and a miracle happens and some money magically appears, to have that checked out. One of you asked what tooth and I don't think I answered that. It is the second to last molar on my right side, (I've had my wisdom teeth removed)just telling you that so you'll know which to count from. Thanks, I'm still listening, any advice on anything else I have said is wrong with me? Anyone know a doctor that screens for Carbon Monoxide Syndrome in Mississippi? Keep on I 'm still here! Thanks!;)
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  • Wow my dear but you have been through alot! I am so sorry to hear this. I know that you live in the deep south, but perhaps there is an Oriental medical practitioner you can try to go to? It's a long shot, but if you can find one near you it would be worth going - I really think it would help. BTW, what medications are you currently taking now? Best wishesDOM
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  • Ames, what ever you do, don’t go to a periodontist, because you don’t seem to have any periodontal problems, you don’t have any bleeding from the gums. It would be a waste of money.The molar you have problems with, has at least three root canals and is called 16. I do not think that the swelling in your jaw has anything to do with your carbon monoxide poisoning.Are you saying that your DDS has taken a biopsy of the ulcers? Have you had a chance to find out what the biopsy report said?
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  • You Ready? exforge(bp) wellbutrin&cymbalta(depression)xanax&clonopin(anxiety) pepcid&prilosec(GERD)somaNec&jaw)cephadyn(migraines)phenergan&lomotil(chronic diarehha,nausea)ambien(chroinc insomnia)singulair(asthma/allergies)albuterol (nebulizer),combivent inhaler,advair inhaler(asthma)vesicare(incompetant bladder)potassium 99mcg 2xday Caltrate d 1x day sometimes I have to take some benedryl or claritin if I have allergy attack. I think that's it. I will look for a oriental healer in this area, thanks! Please Keep on talking, I'm still listening!I hope I didn't miss any meds, they were all prescribed by my GP the only one I go to.
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  • Felson yes a dds took the biopsy of the ulcers and they said just inflamed tissue, no cause. So If I don't go to peridonist, who do I go to? I'm still here. someone asked me what meds i was on and i listed them if you want to check that out too!Thanks!:rolleyes:
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  • Ames,It’s difficult to tell if your swollen jaw is caused by a root canal, your TMJ or your parotid gland. All three can cause swelling. Maybe I could give you some advice if I saw a picture of the swelling and the ulcers. I can keep an eye on your thread till you post pictures.
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  • You Ready? exforge(bp) wellbutrin&cymbalta(depression)xanax&clonopin(anxiety) pepcid&prilosec(GERD)somaNec&jaw)cephadyn(migraines)phenergan&lomotil(chronic diarehha,nausea)ambien(chroinc insomnia)singulair(asthma/allergies)albuterol (nebulizer),combivent inhaler,advair inhaler(asthma)vesicare(incompetant bladder)potassium 99mcg 2xday Caltrate d 1x day sometimes I have to take some benedryl or claritin if I have allergy attack. I think that's it. I will look for a oriental healer in this area, thanks! Please Keep on talking, I'm still listening!I hope I didn't miss any meds, they were all prescribed by my GP the only one I go to. OH MY GOD YOU ARE TAKING MORE THAN 20 PRESCRIPTION DRUGS!!! YIKES!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE STILL ALIVE...I MEAN IT! Here is a link to the drug interactions checker from www.drugs.com http://www.drugs.com/drug_interactions.php There were two red flags on this list you gave and over 10 yellow flag interactions. I cannot believe ONE doctor gave you all these pills. This is going to kill you if you continue. Drug interaction is a leading cause of death in this country. I AM VERY CONCERNED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: IF YOU DO ANYTHING, LOOK UP ALL YOUR MEDS ON WWW.DRUGS.COM. YOU HAVE GOT TO GET OFF SOME OF THESE DRUGS. Best wishesDOM
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  • Dom and Felson, first I will look on that link for these meds, and my jaw has swollen but not bad, i will post a pic just keep a lookout for when I do please! I know i'm on a LOT of meds, but don't see any alternative other than to be a crazy lunatic with direhha, vomiting,high blood pressure and a killer case of reflux, all jokes aside. My body is failing me, so is my mind. Still listening!:confused:
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  • I really was not trying to be a smart aleck in my last reply, I am just very blunt and that's the way I talk. I have thought about it and realized someone might think I was being a smarty britches, so I apologize. Just the same give me a way to get off of this stuff, that doesn't require a lot of exercise, because I can not with what ever damage the carbon monoxide has done to my lungs, and my heart. No doctor has REALLY checked that out..yet, I am having an exam from a doctor that I really do not like, because disability told me I had to.I hope I am wrong about how stupid i think he is, and maybe I can start to REALLY get some help. In the meantime, I still need some feedback from you guys.:rolleyes:Thanks!
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