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Hysterectomy gone wrong please help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 23, 2013
  • 06:19 PM

Hello I am a 31 year old female I was told in May that I had a 9cm fibroid that had to be removed and I would need a abdominal hyster. Because it was to big to be removed laproscoptically .june 25 I was sop posed to have surgery but I came down with a cold so it was cancelled.2days later I get a call saying my surgeon/OBGYN doc of seven years was no longer doing those kinda surgerys.so I was referred to another doctor within his office that I had never met before in seven years of being under his care. So surgery was now August 14th I went in that day and a hr in a half later she came out and told my husband everything went great no complications. When I was in recovery the nurses had told the dr that I was not putting out enough urine threw my catheter . So she pumped me with fluids when a day went by I started getting severe pain in my lower back and stomach . I kept asking if it was normal something felt off with my body . Later that night I had become in such severe pain they needed max staff to help transferr me to another bed to get me to ultrasound stat. But the doctor said nothing looked wrong .the ultrasound tech could not view my bladder because of the bandage over my wound but told doctor if they wanted to see bladder to do ct scan. But she did not instead she told me it was gas and I just had to walk more.everytime I tryed to walk I felt as if I would pass out.the sec day out of surgery she decided to remove catheter and release me home even know I was not holding food down and I could not make a normal bowel movement . I had asked if I could be sent home with walker in fear I would pass out when walking but she denied it.so I went home vomiting all night and then body started to swell also my vaginal area on left side was swollen as big as a egg. Husband called hospital and my nurse said its prob just from being pumped with fluids.and vaginal swollen could of been from cathetr .so I went to bed but woke at 12am in bad pain vomiting tryed to go to the bathroom but now my left side of vagina was as big as a baseball and my face was swollen and my legs as well.husband rushed me to hospital were they were shocked to see me so swollen .they had to try to put yet. Another catheter in when they did they removed 1400cc of urine. The asst surgeon for my surgery came in to the er he said he did not understand he was there everything went good.and he was sure nothing was nicked . He said he wanted to keep me for further evaluation to see what was wrong. 8days had past and he still didn't understand I had a lot of ultrasounds . He then brought in a heart doc and a gallbladder surgeon to see if they could understand why I was swollen. At this point I'm becoming so sick I can barely move the swollen was so bad they had to elevate my legs very high they had ruled out DVT clots of the legs. Later that night I was took out of bed to be weighed I weighed 155 I freaked out .my weight when I was admitted for my surgery was 116pds nurses call doc and fluids were stopped and I was started on something threw Iv to deplete the fluid but it was not helping . Heart surgeon came in and realized I had cellulitis and told my doc to start antibiotics now. My *** surgeon also kept asking why the swelling and he kept saying he did not understand. The heart surgeon told him to do a ct scan and what do you know. My left urter was cut in half and my right ureter was nicked.i was rushed to another hospital 3hrs away . We're I had emergency surgery to put a stent in right side . Next day I had a nephrostomy tube put in .3days later I had too under go a 8hr surgery to put a stent in left side reconstruct it to the bladder which took for ever because how much ureter was cut . I had a Jp ball because when they opened me me up I had seven abscess in abdominal .then when they tryed to look at ovaries they came to another 4 large pockets of pus . So then they had to perform a abdominal wash out as well . I was sent home weeks later with a walker wheelchair shower seat and a in home nurse how embarrassing . After I got home a week later I was rushed back to hospital with colitis of the bowels a very bad uti my fully was nothing but blood. My question is . Is this negligence I also found out after my hysterectomy that my tumor was not 9cm it was 2mm less than a cm so was this hysterectomy even needed .

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  • YES! this sounds like negligence and malpractice ….. Get a medical lawyer.
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