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Hyprochrondriacs need help 2

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  • Posted By: Momgrowdup
  • May 8, 2007
  • 03:59 AM

Forgive me for being new-I didn't see my probs on the FAQ pgs...
My doctor isn't the referring type and we have had battles before so I don't wish to upset her. I was not referred when I asked for a colonoscopy guy (since I was under 50 she said-No) Butt, I have had constipation for Many (over 15 years). As a matter of fact when I pulled all the medical records together and saw them as a group-I realized that I had been in the emergency room for back pain several times...(bad discs too at L3,4,5) when I was actually constipated! No longer take analgesics of any kind or iron-too constipating. One of the xrays (1991) showed a whole vit. tablet in my colon. And I didn't drink enough water-now though am better. oKay-so my other symptoms are low body temp-95* until started taking levothyroxin (100mg/mc whatever) now its more like 97.8-98.2 Low thyroid/High DHEA. Osteoporosis: Taking Fosomax. GERD: Rantidine 150mg 2X daily. Vision bilateral is much worse in the last five years from 20/13 to 20/30 (I don't understand how I can lose close vision and far vision BOTH at the same time!) Also, COLD feet, hands, rearend. Great EKG, BP 117/70, Resting pulse 60. Lethargy-that means tires easily right? Some depression. Joint pain-well that's probably due to arthritis (R knee) also two ACL repairs both L&R knees and I'm overweight: 200 pounds/5'8". I'm pretty tired of hearing this is due to my age, eating too much exercising too little (just turned 50). I can keep up with Billy Blanks TaeBo and treadmill 30 min at 3 mph. Losing eyesight and gaining weight doesn't run in my family-- My mother (Aged 65) is alive and well-5'7" 140 lbs doesn't wear glasses, my half sister (35) is 5'8" 138 lbs (also doesn't wear glasses). And I don't have eating disorders like bulimia/anorexia-I watch what I eat and don't overeat-I used to eat a lot more and drink a lot more (alcohol) and have been known to drop 30 pounds for no apparent reason (10+ years ago). My top weight was 256 (at 22) and I took over 90 pounds off which stayed off through my 30's. Dropped more weight with the birth of my children after the cessation of nursing and ended up around 148 until 10 years ago... Had a lifestyle change with less physical work and more regular meals-but we eat healthy stuff. OH! And By the Way, when I started complaining about not being able to take off the pounds the doctor sent me to a Nutritionist and doing exactly everything she said-eating only what was on the list at the times and in amounts on the list: Gained 4 pounds in 3 weeks. I have gotten over the being angry part-made a choice not to have gastric bypass even though ins. approved. Scheduled for Optifast appt-but Really! If I have endocrine probs I'm not getting referred-remember? What should I be doing right now? Do I have too many issues to be taken seriously? :(

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  • "My doctor isn't the referring type and we have had battles before so I don't wish to upset her."You are the one paying for your doctor's services. It sounds as though you need to have someone take a fresh look at your problems. It sounds as though you like your doc, but you can't worry about upsetting her. Trust yourself. You know something is wrong and it's not unreasonable to ask for a second opinion and/or a referral. You can do it in such a way as not to be nasty. Describe your problems...bring a list in with you and go down that list. See what see she says. If you are not satisfied, then ask for a referral. "Dr. ?, I know you aren't crazy about referring me out to another doctor, but I feel this is really important. I am not comfortable with the explanation of ...... and feel that I could benefit from having another person looking at this from a different perspective. Who would you recommend?"If she absolutely will not refer you, then find a new doctor. I can only imagine how upsetting it might be to hear this, but it is your body, your money, and your choice!It would be one thing if you were a true hypochondriac. Aren't we all, especially those of us who use this board? :) However, it sounds as though you have legitimate concerns.Good luck!!!!Elaine
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  • Thanks Elaine! You're right about not getting nasty with a dctor about getting a referral-I did ask nicely to be sent to a gastroenterologist and was turned down because I was 48 at the time. I copied all my records from every doctor's office I've ever been seen in, the hospital records for emergency room visits-everything. When I saw some things that kept popping up like back pain so severe ( I have bulging discs from a lifting injury) I couldn't walk-which was actually caused by constipation(over 15 years)-not my back problems! So I had something to show the Doctor and was finally referred. See the progress of my case under other posts by clicking on my user name. There is a lot of progress even though it isn't all good news. I am more hopeful the problems can be categorized and addressed. Also, after my next set of blood tests-am expecting to be referred to an endocrinologist. There is a slight chance-but since it is rare hopefully not-that I have Addison's disease. Even so my symptoms are more manageable knowing they stem from hormone imbalance. Thanks for responding and Be Well!:)
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