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Hyperactive Thyroid- Graves

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 8, 2007
  • 04:43 PM

I have told many a DR that someone should do a case study on me -then 33y.o female. 7 years ago I was diagnosed with a Hyperactive Tyroid-Graves disease. I was always very healty outdoor type but I started to have heat intolerance ( burning up in KS when it was only 50 degreesF outside) and then my hands started to shake so I went to the DR thinking I had early menopause or somthing like MS. Also an aunt had noticed that I had a slight swelling at teh base of my neck .I had a battery of tests where I had to suffer without caffeen for 6 weeks...no chocolate but worst no tea!! Then I moved to Germany and they would not accept the 'just in' results so they gave me an iodine type test where they basically made my thyroid radioactive so they could take an 'X-Ray' of it. I was diagnosed with Graves. So I was given the options to cut it out, zap it dead or try meds for a couple of years. I basically understood I would be on meds for the rest of my life to regulate my thyroid either way so based on the following; a Dr friend of my mothers said they always cut too much out to make you 'hypo' ( down low), I don't like drastic measures (I considered the knife or being zapped drastic) and one internal med Dr told me that my Thyroid would probably burn itself out eventually anyway. I decided to go the med route. First I was on several to balance things out then with regular ( every 3 then every 6 months) blood tests and in part because of frequent moves ( military life),different Drs (often just FPs) who never had the time to wade though my medical history and the fact that I got tired of repeating it and having to remember all the medical terms...let alone the med names...thats why they went to med school not me!...anyway I started to learn to self regulate. I could tell when I was a bit hyper (to me it feels like you are crawling all over and you could explode) and so needed 2 tablets or if I could get buy with one for the day ( more often 1 was fine) I even discovered, when would forget my meds on short trips, that I could go a few days without and then take 2 to bring me back in line. OK so what changed things ...well a move back to the States where I was told I could not get the same meds ( Methymazole SP?) because now it was too expensive? so I was put on somthing else. I never felt right after that but was also going through a very stressfull time, husband deployed to Iraq, move you name it and I started to feel my system going out of wack ( I was 36-38y.o)- racing heart , blood pressure issues ( needed meds for that for a while),tingelling in the fingers, side of my face, lips (Ambulance- trip to the ER nothing wrong they said). I was convinced it was because of the new meds. Then a combination of things happened. My 69 year old mother had been taking Aloe Vera capsules and a kind of seaweed ( not normally good for hyper tyroid people) powder and had managed, to the amasement of her DRs, gotten her angina ( her lips used to turn blue) under controll and is off all heart meds. So I decided to try the Aloe vera for my health and at the same time gave up all my black tea ( was drinking up to 6 cups of hot black tea with milk, a day...could not touch coffee any more it would send my system in to a tail spin ) for lent ( 40 days HUGE sacrifice for me). However I did let myself drink green tea (kind of like a smoker needing to have somthing in their fingers I had to have somthing warm to sip) with Enchia sp? and a little honey, but it had to be Celestial Seasonings because it was the only one that would not tear up my stomache.
After a while -30 days I think- my system felt so out of wack but my Thyroid readings were leveling off and I had been on the meds for 6 years in-stead of just the 2 years I was supposed to, we decided ( with the consultation of a new endochronoligist) to take me off the meds altogether for a while to see if I went hyper thyroid again. That was Nov 05, I did not but was boarderline hyperT and just under observation with blood tests. Along came another move ( away from the stressfull situation I had been in for the last 3 years) and my last test Dec 06 came back that after 7 years I was not even boarderline Hyperactive Thyroid any more. I can now drink my six cups of black tea a day again and even throw in a coffee or 2 (occassionally I have felt my hands shake but caffeen will do that I am sure!).
So whats my story.... Well I will tell you this .... during that lent I did pray for the first time for healing. With faith in God anything is possible.

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