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How to get rid of Chronic fatigue???

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  • Posted By: bryandaley
  • March 13, 2007
  • 00:07 PM

I m nearly 40 suffered alone with this condition - the only description I call it is chronic fatigue. Only recently I got the G.P to refer me to the Chronic Fatigue service in Leeds, U.K for assessment but the shrink reckons I don’t have C.F.S/M.E. I didn’t think I did, as the precursor seems to be normal health - viral infection - C.F.S/M.E. My symptoms have been with me for as far back as I can remember into childhood: Chronic Fatigue, Memory, poor concentration, lack of energy for exercise, and over the years total lack of sex drive, chronic weight gain and joint and muscle problems. With this is the usual barrage of physiological problems that go with these symptoms. It’s having to cope with the long periods of unemployment, lack of social skills and friends and a partner which doesn’t make me anamoured of life at all. All you get from the medical profession is "we doctors don’t have all the answers" which seems to me to be a cop out!!!. Is anyone else out there suffering similarly that could throw some light on my predicament?.

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  • I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue years ago when my son was a small child - he's now 20. It's a virus - the Epstein-Barr virus. I don't know how your system works in the UK, but you need to find a new/better set of docs, if possible! I wasn't given much to go on as far as a 'cure' - 'cause there is no cure. But you could try to find some self-help type books - meditation is helpful, guided visualizations, I can't emphasize enough how meditation helps - big time. You need to get focused internally and then you'll see the physical changes happen. Best of luck with your problem.
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  • Could it possibly be that you have Fibromayalgia? I would seek out a rhuematologist and get all workups and he can see if you have fibro.Many of us do.And it seems to be the only one to help with any of that is a rhuematologist. Good Luck ,and I do believe he will be able to find out if you have Epstein Barr as well.Good Luck
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  • I am going thru a lot of test and go back to the internal medicine doctor this coming 28th for the first results. So far have just had lipid profile, GTT, thyroid testing done and he wants to repeat the GTT for it showed low and then the level of lipids were horrible and has to repeat in 6 weeks. Also getting a sleep apnea test done and not sure what else he has planned. I was c/o of the severe fatigure, weight loss over several months, no sex drive at all (fine with me), poor appetite, systolic hypertension, heart rate up and down at various times. I am on thyroid medicine and on maxzide for the bp and then stomach meds. Told the doctor I have just been blaming the long work hours (9 to 10 hrs) and stress at work but he said lets rule out any physical things first then will address the issue of stress if that ends up being the cause.The doctor I work for for has me on Provigil just to keep me up and going during the daytime and off the couch when at home. It works wonders.From my understanding of CFS it sometimes last a long, long time and has to be dx'd after other things are ruled out with similiar symptoms. Just hang in and hopefully we'll get our answers soon.
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  • I was diagnosed in 1997 with CFS. My symptoms included unrefreshing sleep, post-exertional fatigue, unexplained fevers, swollen lymph glands, some joint pain (not enough for a FM diagnosis), brain fog and a few other things that I had had for over 6 months. I was diagnosed by a sleep specialist (who are often pulmnologists) who ruled out a sleep disorder with a sleep study. Also ruled out were thyroid problems, anemia, Lyme disease. I was put on two drugs; an SSRI (first Paxil, then Prozac) for daytime and a benziodiazepine (first Klonapin, then Ativan) for night time. They did help, but I gained weight at least partially because of the SSRI.I started doing things like meditation and getting massages, which did help. I cut back my work schedule to 4 days a week, and was still haveing trouble dragging myself in there for a full day. Then the second doctor I was seeing (who has a preventative medicine practice) suggested that I might have heavy metal poisoning and suggested I be tested. The level of mercury that was in my body was very, very high. It took a long time to clean the mercury out of my body, but as it cleaned out, I kept feeling better and better. Today, almost 10 years later, I have not had one of the above symptoms in about 3 years. I am back to work, traveling internationally on business, and able to deal with things well. I still baby myself sometimes, but I am so much better, I truly cannot believe it.Its hard to find someone to do the mercury removal (called chelation therapy) but was worth it to me. But if you want to know if that is your problem, the next time you go to a hairdresser ask them to test your hair for heavy metal content. Because that was a signal for me over 20 years before I got diagnosed that I had it, but I never knew what it meant, what problems it would cause for me, and what I could do about it.
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  • Bryan, as other posters have said, you can rule out Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with the Eppstein-Barr virus test. There are so many reasons for fatigue, and I doubt yours is the same as mine, but I'll tell you about it anyway: I have high lactic acid. I'm tired every morning and all day, my legs get tired walking up the stairs in my house even though I do aerobics 3 times per week (you mentioned muscle issues). This is a recent discovery so I don't know what's causing it yet, but I've been complaining about fatigue for about 15 years and I'm 34. I know how exasperating it is trying to find answers and getting nowhere. I hope you find some soon!
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