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Here is my nightmare medical history, need advice

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  • Posted By: putnik
  • November 17, 2007
  • 07:50 AM

Viral exposure December 4th 2006. Protected sex with 24 year old Korean woman. Next day woke with unusually warm tongue feeling, this lasted around 5 days. About five days later I developed flue like illness with sore throat, swollen lymph nodes under the jaw, runny nose, dry cough, severe fatigue and joint ache especially in knees and ankles, and a feeling of being extremely cold. Had to stay in the hottest shower for at least 30 minutes just to get warm. These symptoms lasted for about 10 days, 7 of which I stayed in bed. December 17th noticed blood in semen, a lot of blood, I think I turned slightly yellow also, but not sure. I also started to develop an increase amount of moles all over my body, my forehead became very oily and shiny looking. I rushed over to South Coast Emergency room (Laguna Beach, CA). Explained the situation, was given an antibiotic, Doxycycline 100mg for 14 days, and a urine test and was sent home no blood tests were performed. I Was told that everything checked out and there is “no need to worry”. December 31st woke with oral thrush. Saw a dentist January 2nd was diagnosed with Candidiasis and given Clotrimazole lozenges 5 times a day for 2 weeks. My dentist was very concerned with this thrush and explained what it is related to HIV, Cancer or Diabetes. January 4th 2007 I have taken an HIV PCR DNA along with an antibody test, both results came negative. January 7th saw and ID specialist... asked to be tested for everything this time, because I began to loose weight rapidly, but was only checked for Syphilis and HIV antibodies again. January 15th started developing upper right abdominal pain, and a bulge like feeling. Also developed a hoarse voice. Went and saw an MD, mentioned that 15 years ago my family was told I might have had Hepatitis infection. Was tested for all Hepatitis viruses. Hep B test came back positive. HbsAg+, Anti-Hbc IGM-, Anti-Hbc IGG+. February 2nd Hep B viral load was 5,000,000 copies/ml and Anti-Hbe was positive. Was told that I have chronic active Hepatitis B infection. Oral thrush continued and no one had an answer for me what this is or related to. No additional tests were performed despite me repeatedly asking for it. Also I continued to feel fatigued sensitive to cool weather. In February I also have developed an unusual sensitivity to sunlight had to ware sunglasses to go outside, this lasted about 3 weeks. Seen several more infectious disease specialists who recommended to wait on treatment of Hep B, was told “there is no emergency to treat here anything”. In March 2007 finally after seeing 5 doctors and have educated myself on what to test for I got a detailed evaluation for viral and bacterial infections, EBV IGG, CMV IGG, HSV-2 IGG, Toxoplasma IGG, Candida IGG, Mycoplasma Pneumonia Igg, Chlamydia Pneumonia IGG all came back positive and were high. EBV IGM was short of being positive by 2 points. Urine culture test revealed a positive S.Aureus infection that was treated with Keflex 500mg twice daily for 10 days. Oral thrush continued and no doctors I seen had a solution or an answer for it. Meanwhile Hepatitis B viral load reached 246,000,000 copies/ml in May, by that time I had problems consuming food, taking deep breaths without sharp pains in the liver, I also have developed floaters in both of my eyes. Got lucky with a Hepatologist he put me on Baraclude 0.5mg daily. My body weight started to increase with in 2 months back to my normal levels of 210-215, my height is 6'2. In April a bump on penis tip has developed and still is present today, it does not hurt and is there all the time, is slightly whitish in color, and no one know what this is. Also lower lip edema developed and still is present. Also in April had a low CD4/CD8 count of 650/280 from one lab that really scared me. Hepatitis B viral load became undetectable by Quantitative PCR in November 2007. However oral thrush-hairy tongue are still sometimes present, stress intensifies this condition, tongue turns pink, swells up and get's furry, coated with fungus looking gunk, and I feel it in the back of my throat as well. Was taking Nystatin for 3 months had some improvement. Now taking Fluconazole 50mg very cautiously for 5 days and my sinus congestion had finally cleared up, however still have periodic appearance of thus furry tongue.
Within past 11 months I had multiple negative HIV ½ test's ,antibody, and PCR's DNA/RNA's. Immune system seems to be functioning OK, CD4 counts vary between 820-1100 ml. However cellular immune function test showed a moderate cellular immunity.


Still unknown what has triggered my Hepatitis B to come back if indeed it was an old infection. Also why I have thrush or fungus on my tongue? What kind of bump is it on my penis and from what? Why I have Angioedema of lower lip? Why I have periodic hoarse voice? Why I am getting this increase amount of nevi moles all over my body? Why I have floaters in both eyes ? Why I have an extreme urges to urinate? I am still very much concerned with HIV, some rare subtype of the virus possibility. My overall health has generally deteriorated, I feel tired and stressed out all the time, and I feel weak. :confused: :confused:

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