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  • Posted By: mus786ab
  • October 26, 2007
  • 10:23 AM

Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference to the subject matter regarding my sister illness, I need the right diagnosis. I want to tell you about her. She was very intelligent student and always passing her exam with the grace marks. She is very creative girl and making drawing making flower and so many things. The problem was started when she was 16 years and was entered in a college. She had gone in the best college. The problem was started in a repeatation form. She imagine that this thing is GOD or evil like chair or table etc and then start repeat to see that thing until her imagination about that thing will be finish and for that she will spent time 4 hour or 5 hours whatever. In the night around 3 or 4 o'clock she was taking bath and repeating the bath again & again. If that imagination was not be able to go from her mind, then she anger and start to break the things and beating to her sister or mother or who will be there. We have shown her to the Phyciatriatrist the best one in Pakistan and according to his diagnosis she has a OCD and given her the medicine and she tooks 3 years and we feel that she is going to be in a better condition. but during this three years, her condition was change took the medicine overdose. Last year she become uncantiuos and admitted on hospital in emergnecy case and was on ventilator for 22 days. They did the treacheostromy, caught different type of ICU acquired disease like pneumonia Acentobecter, ulser in tracia, bed sore. They did the limo puncture and found nothing.i,e they did not find any things and was unable the cause of fever & as per them that is fever of unkwon region. They did the MRI of the brain with spine becuase was unable to find the fever cause, and as per the report, they said that she had a encephalitis. We did the EMG test to rule out the encephalitis and as per the report that she don't have encephalitis. During in ICU they had given her DOSIC or Serenace.

Her condition is now like that
Still she is very caring when she is normal

1) Most of the time she is in anger condition or time to time her mood change.
2) If we will not accept what she says then the whole day we need to suffer becuase she start to tear her cloths, take a knife to kill her self, give us very bad abuses, throw the water on us.
3) She want to clean the home, to make food and if we stop becuase of her illness, she start and become anger.

We have shown her to doctor and as per him she had a bipolar disorder problem.The OCD is finished. We are given her anti phsic medicine as per Doctor prescription.

Please help us in this regard that either the diagnose is correct or not? Either her mental disease is diagnosed 100% or not.
We are sufferin from last four years.

Kind Regards,
Mustafa Abdullah

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  • Oh I am so sorry. Yes, I believe she is bipolar and has another mental health condition:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mental_illness I wish you had a group of parents there called "Tough Love". It's to help manage your wild teens. I think some of the things they suggest to do may help your family survive. You could discuss the manner with the local police and find out what they would do to help next time she attacks a family member. A week in teen jail may knock some sense into her that she cannot abuse her family. The girl is threatening and intimidating you. Is she on drugs? She is not learning to be responsible for what she is doing and the spirit is getting stronger and stronger with the evil. You must force the evil out of the child and help her see the light and beauty within herself. Get her involved in art classes so her imagination can be cultivated. I would have a holy man of your religion come over and pray over her and chase out the bad spirit. I feel she is possessed and it is a very old and strong spirit that will cause harm to you. It has to come out through a holy man: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exorcism#Exorcism_in_the_Koran_and_Sunnah“I saw Allah's Messenger (sallallahu àlaihi wa sallam) do three things which no one before or after me saw. I went with him on a trip. On the way, we passed by a woman sitting at the roadside with a young boy. She called out, 'O Messenger of Allah, this boy is afflicted with a trial, and from him we have also been afflicted with a trial. I don't know how many times per day he is seized by fits.' He (sallallahu àlaihi wa sallam) said: 'Give him to me.' So she lifted him up to the Prophet. He (sallallahu àlaihi wa sallam) then placed the boy between himself and the middle of the saddle, opened the boy's mouth and blew in it three times, saying, 'In the name of Allah, I am the slave of Allah, get out, enemy of Allah!' Then he gave the boy back to her and said: 'Meet us on our return at this same place and inform us how he has fared.' We then went. On our return, we found her in the same place with three sheep. When he said to her, 'How has your son fared?' She replied: 'By the One who sent you with the truth, we have not detected anything (unusual) in his behavior up to this time.... (Musnad Ahmad (vol: 4, p. 170), and al-Haakim, who declared it Saheeh)”There are also Sunnah (traditional statements that are not part of the Qur'an) about the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers expelling evil beings from the bodies of believers by using verses from the Qur'an, supplications to Allah, and holy Zamzam water. This example is related by Ya'la ibn Murah:
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    • October 28, 2007
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  • Can you get some Zamzam water? It has to be pure and not kept in a container that has lead or arsenic. It has to be the real thing. There is a lot of fake ZamZam water, so make sure the Holy Man has the Zamzam water for the ceremony.
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