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Help the sport champion! G6PD?! does it mean I am sick?!

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  • Posted By: ThePrince14
  • July 31, 2007
  • 09:59 AM

For all my life there is only one thing about me that I think special, it's my strength and health. I am not rich nor well educated, however I played weight lifting and I found myself special in that. Lately I suspect that I may have HIV ?! so I have done full check up, to be told that I have G6PD. I am over 30 and did not suffer any illness during my life, I was eating every thing including beens with no problems. However knowing that I have G6PD made me feel bad. what does it means? Does it means that I am not normal?! I started to ask myself questions such as, does G6PD affect my look?! My strength?! Are there world athletes or Sport champions etc who have G6PD.
I wish that I have never knew about it! I can't live as I used to!:confused:

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  • I have a G6PD deficiency as well and I can tell you that it is not a terrible thing to live with and I am sure there are famous athletes that have it! It should not affect your everyday life unless you are in need of various meds that your body can't tolerate. It is perhaps the most common enzyme deficiency in the world. It is seen in every ethnicity, however it is most common in Africa and the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, I have a variant that is the most severe. Taking a 1/2 dose of aspirin puts me in the hospital with very severe pain of my back and abdomen. Then I deal with about a week of bad anemia. My aunt needed a blood transfusion after a bad episode. But PLEASE note that these experiences are VERY rare for this type of deficiency! If you are of Mediterranean origin, you are more likely to have inherited one of the more severe types. African types are typically mild to moderate. ---I'll try to briefly explain what G6PD deficiency is all about--- Basically, every red blood cell contains the G6PD enzyme. The most severe types may have less than 7% of the enzyme present in a given cell. Certain meds can damage these cells through "oxidative damage" if G6PD is not there to protect the cells. The result is hemolytic anemia. For MOST people with the deficiency, red blood cell destruction is limited so it is not particularly dangerous. This is because for most types, the enzyme is deficient only in the old red blood cells. In people with a more severe deficiency, the new cells also lack the enzyme so they can be destroyed as well. This is why some are in need of a transfusion. ---What this means for you--Did your doctor classify your deficiency (eg: G6PD-A-)? If this is not too personal, what is your ethnicity?Basically, you should avoid Fava Beans (aka: broad beans) and certain meds. My recommendation: Don't trust the doctors or pharmacists to know what drugs you shouldn't take. Many have no idea what G6PD is. Go online and compile lists of meds that should be avoided. If you want, you can contact me b/c I have done a ton of research on the subject. My email is danny7ls@aol.com. good luck!
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  • Thanks for your reply.. Indeed I have just discovered that I have G6PD some days ago. I am over 30. I used to eat too much Fava Beans, and I used aspirin before. There were no side effects. I am a very healthy man. The thing is that I wish that I did not know that I have G6PD. I discovered that by chance. I lived for some time with someone who has HIV. So I felt worry that I may have catched HIV. So I went to do full blood check, to discover that I have G6PD. No deficiency classification has been done. I will do it later. Most Hospitals in Bahrain where I am from don’t do the classification. The thing that made me feel bad is that I used to think that I am Truly healthy. Now I started to think that I am not Normal. There is something wrong with my blood. And I started to think that what this abnormality can cause ..does it affect my strength, my look, will I age earlier than others, will this make me less active and endless list of questions.
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  • It definitely won't have an impact on your looks and I doubt it will affect your strength or stamina. The only exception would be if you go thru a bout of anemia--which should be only for a finite period of time (you will feel unusually tired). Then again, you may never have anemia a day of your life. Since you always ate fava beans without a problem, your body is probably ok with it. Not all deficient people have reaction to it--only a subgroup (usually mediterranean origin). In terms of premature aging, I have never come across material that suggests that as a problem. The one thing that I did find out is that there is evidence of an increased risk for diabetes. Stop worrying so much about the diagnosis, b/c it is not worth the stress. If you feel healthy, then you probably are healthy.:)
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  • Thanks alot for your valuable feedback.There are some kinds of people who worry alot (unfortunately like me:mad: ). I I will try to forget that one day I discovered that I have G6PD :)
    ThePrince14 2 Replies
    • September 9, 2007
    • 03:53 PM
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  • G6PD doesn't affect your body at all except if you eat some things not good for people who has G6PD.What should you do?1. Don't eat specific type of food.2. Don't take specific type of medicine.You should ask about these foods. Also, you should tell the doctor because some medicine is harnful for you.I know I have a lot of mistake but take it easy. This is because it is not my first language.
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