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HELP PLEASE!!! I cannot live like this much longer

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  • Posted By: lonewolf2567
  • April 21, 2009
  • 03:19 PM

I have been plagued with severe pain in my back radiating down my legs, also weakness in hands. I have swelling in my feet and sores. I deal with fatigue on a regular basis. Negative diagnosis for Diabetes. Things that go on periodically are severe weakness in legs and arms, incontinence, forgetfulness. The following has happened to for no apparent reason: fluid in my brain, respatory arrest, lesions on my pituatary that disappear and various out of wack blood tests. I have also dealt with the EBV off and on fifteen years ago. I was diagnosed with MS with negative test results and then the Diagnosis with reversed. I have negative diagnosis for Lupus, Lime Disease, and any muscle disorders.

I feel like I have a mystery disease that no one can figure out. I have just about given up on doctors. I feel like I cannot live like this much longer. HELP PLEASE!!!


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  • Visit a few Chinese shops / restaurants in your area, or get someone to do so. Ask them who the best Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) doctor is around there. Research this doctor a bit, once found. Here in South Africa we have a council they should belong to, one can reclaim their fees from medical funds etc. All this is needed, but proves nothing yet, so ask many real Chinese as well - there is an invisible energetic side to their most useful doctors.You seem to have what they call "damp-heat condition" (swollen feet with eczema sores, fatigue, incontinence) together with an unknown problem in your back - perhaps kidneys, or a nerve, or an old injury. For the feet try an exercise, if possible. Lie on your back and circle one foot at a time in the air, as with a bicycle. Do this often, as many as you can. Avoid cortizone for the sores, as it starts well but eventually makes things far worse. Get a simple ointment containing only zinc (Zinci Oxydum).My advice is to go vegetarian and fat-free everything, no oil of any kind, no butter or margarine, no sugar, no hot spices or curry. Totally avoid yeast (bread)! Cook pasta or brown rice instead. Have plenty fresh veggies (on rice), steamed or cooked in water. Stir some powdered ascorbic acid into the rice before it boils, to remove molds. Eat everything immediately after cooking and don't keep leftovers. Limit nuts to four a day, if any. Deep-water fat-free fish is OK, but never fried, steam it in a microwave. Drink only plain water, about 6-8 glasses per day - if possible filtered and boiled for 30 seconds. Warm food is better, and warm water. Totally avoid bananas and mangoes. If possible make yourself fresh carrot juice.This is a dull diet but I'm dead serious about it. Please try it for a month? You may become more hungry and eat larger amounts, while losing weight. You will need the TCM herbs and acupuncture as well. My folks and I are Afrikaans (as far from Chinese as possible) but yes we have a brilliant TCM doctor here, almost next door. We also like his fees and attitude a great deal more than our Western doctors. Get well soon!
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  • I have 2 recommendations: 1) you need to see if you are deficient in any of the nutritional/vitamin groups. This can be done with special testing by your dr. (bloodwork). 2) you might want to check the thread above about "could it be B12?". There's a ton of information on that thread, and it deals with most nutritional deficiencies. Good luck!
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  • I was diagnosed with MS with negative test results and then the Diagnosis with reversed. Lisa Lisa, Please clarify for me. In your statement above ... with reversed ... do you mean that it was reversed and you do not have Multiple Sclerosis at all? Or do you mean it is a possible reversed type of Multiple Sclerosis, such as a rare or "atypical" type still under investigation? I ask because I was misdiagnosed with rare "atypical" MS and took the treatments ... now living (and dying) with regret in so doing. I hope that what happened to me never happens to another. This is probably not the case with you, just checking!
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  • No the MS diagnosis was actually reversed by another doctor. He stated that there were no positive test results therefore I didn't have MS. I wonder though can it all be Fibromyalgia and Radiculitis. I was diagnosed with both. Lisa
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  • I would do further testing for Lyme, with Bowen or Igenex labs. Lyme and EBV are often together...and Lyme testing is notoriously inaccurate. Second I heartily agree with Curly Stooge that a good TCM doc would be very helpful. I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and have seen many patients with similar signs that you describe. It is an ancient form of medicine and can often help where allopathic medicine cannot. www.acufinder.com and www.nccaom.org to find a good practitioner near you. I don't recommend medical docs who practice acupuncture as they have had inferior training and cannot do a differential diagnosis. Ask around and find one who has experience treating autoimmune dysfunction like CFIDS, fibro, etc. Best wishesDOM
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