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Help needed!

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  • Posted By: Lorelei
  • October 30, 2008
  • 01:34 PM

Hello, I am glad to have found you. I was first diagnosed in 1975 taking Armour 3 for many years for under/active thyroid without problems. This past 4 yrs. I started taking many medications (bizarre reason which I will go into later) that caused me to become debilitated. During this time span I was seeing another Dr. for: Sinus, Breathing, Constipation, all over pain and complete feelings of hopelessness. Caused from all of the prescribed meds! Somewhere during this time span my blood work was coming up with hyper/thyroid. I was to foggy to even question this. Anyway...it somehow got decreased to 125 L-Thyroxine, now last month to 112. Two years ago, I went to bed and feel as though I had been gone for quite some time on a black out! Sept 14th 07 I quit all medications excepting: BP/Thyroid 9/08 I began experiencing pain in my left big toe...I thought I had gout, ignored it and it progressed to all toes and the arch of my foot almost as if someone was hammering nails in it. After two wks. I was able to see an alternate Dr. which said I either had a fungus in toenails or an ingrown toenail.... I ignored him. This continued for another 2 wks. advancing to my ankle, I did a lot of praying and 9/30/08 I had a curtain close over my right eye, causing temporary blindness....this scared me to the Opthamoligist....10/3/08 saw my regular Dr. while in her office my toes turned black which the nurse pointed out! From here it was a vascular, rheumatoligist, plastic surgeon. An artery was taken out of my right temporal for "GCA" giant cell arteritis, I am 58 and average age is 72 for this disease. Next it was scan of the carotids. Both came back normal. I was put on prednisone 10/3/08 until this past week....what a roller coaster ride that was...but not fun! Although, while on the roids...no inflammation in left leg or toes...brain was working on overtime but couldn't get the body and mind to cooperate together. I now have a scan ordered (11/10) for my thyroid that I had to practically beg for! I believe it is all related to my thyroid which I have told these 6 Dr's. I have seen in the past three wks. But, not one wants to hear my simplified diagnoses! My blood pressure keeps fluctuating high and low...sunday was 284/135 yesterday in doctors office 95/59 for approx: 2 yrs. I have been told I have Lupus..I don't believe I do, Nor have I been treated for it! My WBC and eociniphils have been running high...sorry I don't have any of my blood work accessible to me at this time. Some days my stomach is so blown up and hard... the next day soft and squishy. Anyone with any suggestions, answers, or thoughts will be greatly appreciated. My keyboard doesn't advance... so, sorry for everything running together. Thank you in advance,

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