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Help, my son's driving me crazy!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 4, 2006
  • 10:58 AM

I know that this is going to sound a little stupid but i really need help! I'm at wits end. My son will be 3yo in Febuary, he is so beautiful and I watch him sleeping and feel like it's me not him! But my Nan has picked out the same problem with him. He is a larger built child, (my family is large built) despite the fact he is very active and he barely eats. He has some facination with poo, everytime he passes his bowels he feels the need to play with it, sick i know. He is hypoactive all the time, I changed his diet to cut out processed food and as many artificial ingredients as possible but this has not helped. He is so naughty all of the time, I hate smacking him but the few times i have he just gets this dark look in his eyes and says "no hurt Ben Mama", then goes off and gets into some thing else. His behavior is now to the point where i can't take him anywhere as he is too difficult. I have seen doctors who either say nothing's wrong or they want to start drugging him up fopr no apparent reason. I'd appreciate any advice, As much as this behavior is driving me nuts I can't bare to see him drugged up and not see the beautiful boy that he really is.

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  • hi! i cannot offer any advice on the poop issue but have a little bit of advice on disciplining without hitting. my son is 3 1/2 years old and is very hyper as well. i thought 2 was supposed to be bad but this age is more difficult for me. i think my son is trying to see what he can get away with and he is still in the stage that he wants to do what he want to do when he wants to do it:rolleyes: i use time out for my son and make him count to 10 or 20 depending on how severe the behavior is. i usually tell him he cannot get out of his time out chair until he calms down (stops crying) and he needs to also say he is sorry to me. We usually will hug after that and i tell him i love him but will not accept that behavior. never tell him he is bad. tell him the bahavior is bad. always praise the good behavior but do not reward him for something he should normally be doing on in his own, like bathroom activities or eating dinner. i also use good listen ears or bad listening ears. i will say "harrison, you must have forgot to turn on your listening ears or maybe they need new batteries or the volume needs to be put up." either one of those, and then he usually will turn them on by making a clicking sound or turn up the volume by making some other cute noise. i usually go over to him to do the fake batteries :) when he is a good listener i tell him he has really good listening ears today. verbally praise him and he will be happy. i also used a sticker chart to award good behavior. 1 sticker in the morning and 1 sticker in the evening. I explained it to him and he really enjoyed the cute stickers i bought for him.another problem i had is with him throwing temper tantrums when he didnt get what he wants. i read an article that you still need to give them choices, not too many usually only two. say he doesnt want to go to take a bath i say, "you can take a bath OR you can sit in the time out chair. what is your choice?" if he doesnt answer me i just state it again. he always chooses the activity that you want... maybe he chose time out once but he quickly changed his mind. it also works when he wants to play something like setting up his race car track and he wants to watch a movie. "do you want to watch a movie or do you one to play with your cars? you can only choose one and then maybe tomorrow we can do the other."he probably will still be hyper but you may feel like you have more control. i also just try to do a lot with him in order to wear him out. sometimes i wear myself out but we have fun together.oh one more thing. i never let my son out of the shopping cart when in a store. i tell him he is driving for me and helping mommy out. when i run in for something quick i let him hold the little basket you carry so he feels like he is helping and then he is more apt to behave.i hope this helps and good luck:o
    dirtyharrysmom 2 Replies
    • December 4, 2006
    • 02:31 PM
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  • I say be patient. I have three boys and my middle son was very hyper and I also took him to doctors and considered having him medicated. (trust me since the day I delivered him he was nothing but trouble....lol) He is now going on seven and his attitude has changed a lot. Since he has been in school last year, started late because his b-day in in december, his attitude has changed a lot. Even on days of school he behaves differently than the days he's off school. Maybe your son is just bored. I know it can be especially hard if you have other children but maybe you could try to make some kind of schedule for him so that he has something to look forward to. Reward him for the days and time he is good. Keep firm on him when he misbehaves. As far as the "poop" thing I think he's just being a boy. My oldest used to do really gross things, I think it's just part of being a kid, he'll grow out of that.
    laura1975 3 Replies
    • December 4, 2006
    • 08:51 PM
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  • You say he rarely eats. He could have a vitamin/mineral deficiency which would show as agressiveness. How is his sleep? Does he get 10-12hours a night? Playing with poop is a sign of wanting attention. One of the best treatments for children with behavioral problems is Cranial Sacral Therapy. If you can find someone in your area who specializes in this it can help tremendously. Try googling this and maybe you can find someone to help you. Patience is also needed, as the others posted. Do you have time for yourself? You need to recharge so you can better handle your son's outbursts. It is so important to remain detached and not take things personally. Spanking usually makes things escalate... Lastly, try giving 1 pellet of chamomile, a homeopathic remedy. It can be very calming (take some for yourself too:) .Best to you.
    acuann 3,080 Replies
    • December 5, 2006
    • 03:48 AM
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