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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 16, 2007
  • 02:55 AM

My symptoms started in May. It started off as a sharp shooting pain in the left side of my ribs, frequent but not regular. I was diagnosed with a muscle imbalance but I don't think it's right. Now the pain is less severe, but more frequent and it occurs all around my mid section (front, back, left and right.) The left side is tender and my back is somewhat stiff. Any ideas as to what it might be?

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  • Good luck finding an answer on that. I started having left sided pain also 2 yrs ago. Very sharp and very painful. Right under my rib cage in that area. They did do a CT but nothing showed up. I have been told I have irritable bowel, a kink in my intestine slowing down bowel. but telling me that has not made it go away. They tried meds, zelnorm but that only made me have diarrhea. After two years, they have called it almost everything, but dont seem to care to fix it. They think I'm nuts I guess. If you find an answer let me know!
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  • I've been having the same pain for about 3 months. ER doctor said it was diverticulitsis. My Dr. said I was misdiagnosed and did a Colonoscopy that was negative. Followed up with contrast CT and found a 22 mm. nodule on my left adrenal gland. Following up with Endocrinologist to see if the nodule is cancer (they don't believe it is ) and if the adrenal gland is funcutioning. Found through research that the adrenal gland that has a nodule and still funcutioning can cause many problems. Hope Everything works out for you.
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  • Now that is a great idea. Noone has ever checked that on me and i have so many other symptoms.. could be that. Now, how do I get my dr to believe me. cuz they never do. When i suggest things, they think i try to know too much. lol. I am a medical transcriptionist, so i get a lot of information through my work. So when i see someone with my symptoms I know what tests should be done, and which ones are not being done. I think that makes my MDs angry. I just hate to be in pain and spend a lot of money for nothing and still have the pain. frustrating. Good luck to you!
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  • Don't try getting anyone to beleive you. A doctor may have all the medical knowledge in the world, but if s/he isn't willing to listen to patients, that knowledge is all but null. A doctor who isn't willing to acknowledge you as a team-mate in your own care is worthless outside of contributing literature to the medical community. S/he should have stayed in research. I wouldn't spend an iota more time trying to convince anyone to listen-- especially not a doctor who is paid to be my advocate and guide. I would advise you to simply walk out of that office and into another one. Keep going until you find someone who is willing to investigate every option. S/he ought to know by now that pidgeonholing, in ANY situation, is not only ethically wrong, but also logically fallacious.Good Luck
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  • I don't know if you still check this or not, but I was diagnosed with a "kink" in my colon a couple of months back. I had the same exact pain as you and my doctor (luckily listens to me) and did every test in the book. I have a history of melanoma so she was trying first to rule out anything that might have caused the colon to kink, such as cancer. Luckily, nothing was found and she seems to think it has just naturally kinked. She gave me liquid Donatal which is pretty potent and relaxes the colon (and me!) and works! I take a teaspoon full when my pain begins and it works very quickly. She said she would wait to do surgery to see if it would eventually correct itself. If I don't have to deal with the pain, I'm ok with that.
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