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Heal Jolt, temporary paralysis (volcal), etc...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 17, 2011
  • 04:07 AM

Hi, I was driving out of town in the evening, and all of a sudden, I experienced something that I can only explain as a seizure. There was like a jolt in my head, I think my eyes looked up, or my head tilted up, and then I couldn't speak for a couple of seconds. I did not black out, and I still had control of the vehicle, thank goodness. I pulled over and changed drivers. The symptoms were still present, I felt like pressure in my head, slurred speech as if I had cotton mouth or chewing on a wad of gum. It was a strange feeling. My head felt heavy, lack of oxygen or something. Maybe a slight choking sensation. My stomach felt tight also. I went to the ER, they only checked vital signs and took a blood sample. They said I was fine and discharged me with some sort of fainting diagnosis. I still did not fell normal, and of course by this time I was probably having anxiety symptoms as my heart was racing at times, feeling sweaty, etc... The ER doctor suggested I see a Neurologist. I tried calling but they were booked for weeks out. So, I decided to go back to the ER at my home town. They ran a couple more test, EKG, blood work, brain scan, but couldn't find anything. I had some issues with my left ear, feeling plugged, ringing, and also a fungal infection a couple of years ago. I mentioned that to the ER Doctor, and he thought my symptoms could be inner ear related and referred me to a Ear/Throat/Nose doctor. I saw the ETN, but they found nothing that appeared to be an infection or innear ear related. My symptoms continue where I feel slight dizzy, lightheaded, pressure in my head, some times the pressure kind of tightens up in my head and I feel like I'm going to maybe pass out and that my throat is feeling funny. Also, when I eat, the symptoms seem to get worse only for a short time. A couple of days later, still not feeling right, I was playing some light basketball, and I was feeling really funny again. My lower legs and feet felt tingly and numb, more than normal, (my lower back is out of sorts), so I got scared and went back to the ER. This time the admitted me for overnight observation. They did a chest xray, more EKG's, blood tests at differnt points during the night, and had me hooked up to a heart monitor. Everything looked okay. A Internal Medicine doctor that I visited took blood samples to test my kidney, liver and thyroid. Looked good. So, no answers. I still feel funny. I called my Naturalpathic doctor, and he was worried I could be passing a blood clot. Other factors that could contribute to how I'm feeling. I've had a lack of sleep for the past couple of weeks or more. Just don't get enough sleep. Lack of hydration also. Just don't drink enough water. Also, I tend to be a nervous person at times and allow stress to get to me. I've been tested with low adrenal function in the past and have not been taking anything for it in a couple of years. This could all be related to how I feel. But, the feeling of tightness in my head, feeling a bit paralyzed in the speech/throat, feeling woozy, has be a bit worried. These are strange symptoms.

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