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Hand and face cramps.

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  • Posted By: jmgor123
  • November 16, 2010
  • 05:38 PM

Hi all,

I was wondering if you could give me your opinions on a problem i've been having for some years. At about the age of 16 or 17 i went through a phase of experimenting with drugs, one night i decided to take mdma (ecstasy) and have been regretting that night ever since.

It started out taking a normal dose, but i went a little too far and did a bit too much, i'd say about 0.75 of a gram. After first noticing the drug come on i noticed a tingling sensation through my hands and feet, which quickly led to my face, hands, legs and arms all cramping up quite severely. It didn't last very long and i didnt think about it any further and just carried on as i usualy would.

A few days later i went out with some mates and smoke some weed, and it happened again. At first it happened only when i smoked weed and i found out that if i drank alcohol aswell it wouldnt happen, which i still find very odd!

The sensation always starts with a "pins and needles" kind of feeling about 2 inchs below my sturnum and a kind of pressure, and i find it incredibley hard to burp. Which then leads onto the hand and face cramps and when i finaly do burp, i burp loads and it makes it dissepear quite quickly, which leads me to believe its something to do with my stomach. It has also now happened a few times when i havent taken any sort drugs.

So i recently went to a doctor, who told me i have an inflamed stomach lining and suffer from anxiety attack which is what causes the hand cramps. So i followed his advice and took some Gaviscon and stayed away from the weed and cigs.. it didnt help, infact i was more prone to having mild hand cramps, and to be honest it didnt surprise me. It just didn't seem right to me because every time i have one of these "anxiety attacks" im completely calm, having no bad thoughts and not stressed at all. Plus i really dont understand how burping loads would solve an anxiety attack?

About a week later i decided to research more on the net and found out lack of magnesium in your body can cause hand a face cramps, so i bought some magnesium pills and it had quite a profound effect. About half hour after i took one i got the pins and needles feeling across my hands and face, but no cramping. I also had a few sharp shooting pains where i usualy have the pain below my sternum. After that had gone i pressed 2 inchs below my sternum where i usualy have a constant deep ache and i was almost pain free! But why!?! I've been taking the magnesium pills for a few days now and although i dont feel perfect, i feel alot better. But i dont understand how it could be such an instant relief, perhaps i've messed up a nerve in my stomach with the MDMA that i took and the magnesium is helping? some peoples opinions on what this is would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

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