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hair loss caused by something in house

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  • Posted By: lisamarieandlarry
  • December 21, 2007
  • 07:08 PM

What hard to detect thing could be causing hair loss in myself, my 9 yr old daughter, and my 11 yr old step-daughter? This has been going on for 13 months. We have lived on an air force base for 2 1/2 yrs. After doing searches, I found one site listed radon as a possible cause. Our house tested at a 14.8 level for radon and the base put in a radon reduction system which made our radon level at 0.4 now. That stopped the whole families health problems of headaches, respiratory infections, runny nose only in the house and sinus infections. I'm told radon doesn't cause these things but that the radon system also takes out other VOC's. I am positive the house is causing hair loss because the base let us stay in the hotel on base on 2 separate occasions and the hair grew back in the 3 females. The first time was for 2 months in the summer and we all had new hair growth. We move back in another house on base and the hair loss starts again so I did research and found our radon was high. We moved to the hotel for 1 month that time and had new hair growth. We've been back in this house after the radon system for 4 weeks and the hair loss started again. Last night when I got out of the tub, I saw the 2-3 inch long new hair growth from the summer all over my legs. I'm so upset that my new hair growth is falling out. My step-daughter has to clean out her hair brush daily. They said they tested for mold before we moved in in the summer. I've had my hair tested on base recently and was told only the mercury was slightly high. I have no idea exactly which things they tested for. I don't know if the radon caused all our other health problems that have suddenly stopped but I only found the radon by luck. But it's obviously not what's causing the hair loss. There are other females on base having hair loss and they don't have high radon. These houses are about 50 years old. There are 2 floors and a basement. The floors are all wood. 4 of my family has had allergy testing. I'm only allergic to dust mites and grass. We've been told the hair loss is caused by stress. Living in a cramped hotel with 6 kids for 2 months was stressful but all our hair stopped falling out! i have the video of all our new time in the hotel and the visible hair that started growing. They've done blood tests on us on base. They;ve tested the water. I don't know if it's something in the air or products they used in the 50's that are in this house. What tests can I g\et. What might be causing it that won't show up in the hair or in the blood? Is something poisoning us that's causing it? This is a small town with no professional experts to hire myself to do tests on this house. I can only order things online. There are only mold inspectors and those are about 90 miles away. If you know what could be in a house besides mold and radon that could cause this, please contact me.

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  • Perhaps your house is one of those with urea foam insulation in the walls. I remember descriptions such as yours form that. Your "built in the 50s" remark is the reason I mention this. Another idea only. Do you have any "treated" lumber in the house around which there is an odor of garlic or maybe in the basement or crawl spaces? If you do have that garlic type odor where there shouldn't be any what you are smelling is methyltriarsenate or related compound. This is produced by naturally occuring bacteria or molds that produce methylcobalamin growing on the treated lumber or other source of arsenic. If you have a high load of aresenic in yuor body you may have garlic breath if you take a good sublingual methylb12 (Jarrow or Enzymatic Therapy). Base ventilation would help with this as well. Good luck. These are just two shot in the dark ideas.
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    • December 28, 2007
    • 09:54 PM
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