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habba syndrome???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 1, 2008
  • 10:49 PM

since i was 19 i started getting dizzy, nauseas, diarreah and i started loosing weight, im afraid to eat because i immediatly have diarrea, i have tried to diet and eat just vegetables or stuff without fibre and it continuos it doesnt matter what i eat. im very tired, and weak, i feel my heart beating very fast sometimes i cant sleep because i feel i cant breath, i saw on tv a lady who had these problem and its called Habba disease, i dont have a diagnosis, all my tests are normal... plz help, if u have similar symptoms tell me because i need support... thnks!! im now 22

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  • I just read your post. I hope you have gotton some help by now. If you haven't DON'T give up!I lost 25 pounds in seven weeks when I first had symptoms. I suffered for 5 years, had every test imaginable (all negative), barely ate, and was told I had IBS. It was something I just thought I had to live with for the rest of my life. One night my son wanted to watch a medical show and we saw a woman whose experiences mirrored mine. She had Habba Syndrome. By the time I saw the show, I was having problems controlling my bowels, more frequent episodes and was pretty much worried about how I was going to continue living a "normal" life. I immediately went to see my gastroenterologist and told him I wanted to try the therapy mentioned in the tv show. The NEXT DAY my life changed.I have been eating normally for just over a year now. I take two cholestipol tablets before bed. I still watch what I eat and have to eat a lot of fiber, but I feel great. I hope this helps you!
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  • I've had it for years. I actually GAINED weight, because I quickly associated extreme symptoms with "hard to digest" foods. You know, the healthy ones? So I had less symptoms eating only meat and cheese. Well I was told that I had IBS too, but I just didn't buy it. I ONLY had the diarrhea symptom, and ONLY after eating. I remember habitually eating Imodium pills after eating (regardless if I felt ill) to get through high school! Then my mom saw that same show, and I checked it out. So nice to have a name to what I was going through. I was pretty much ignored, medically, till then. I don't think there are real tests, just indicators. If you can rule out other things, like celiac disease, and your gall bladder was remover, and the symptoms match - BINGO. Best I can figure is it's like when you eat something and get food poisoning - your body's reaction to the danger is to expel the foreign substance. Well it's our lower digestive tract that's handicapped; without the gall bladder the liver has to create ALL the bile immediately to digest a meal, but still couldn't make enough. So that leaves partially undigested foods in your intestines, and the body can't break it down so it "expels" it. Then the bowels are all irritated, since there's so much bile there anyway, and it makes the syndrome have a hair trigger, and creates a miserable life. I found that the medication, while it stopped the diarrhea, didn't actually help me digest foods. So I played around with my diet, and discovered that if I keep portion sizes REALLY small, and I eat 30-50 grams of fiber a day (easily digestible forms like beans). I'm happy, symptom free, not on medication, have SO much more energy, and I've started to loose weight rapidly. 30lbs in 6 months! I'm trying to get the word out about Habba syndrome! Hope this rambling anecdote helped!
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  • I am so excited to maybe find a dignosis. I saw the same medical show about the women with diarrea. I have been suffering for so long. They said it was irratable bowel and maybe my nerves all kinds of crap and still I suffered.I got where I wont go out to places because i am so afraid i will poop all over myself and be so ashamed. I have a appointment this Friday with my doctor and I cannt wait I may getmy life back. One thing you both said you lost a lot of weight I havent is this always a symtom? After eating My stmach hurts like ***l and I break out in a sweat and there better be a bathroom close by because it is so forceful that I cann't hold it. Any other advice would be greatful.
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  • OMG I just seen the show of the lady i have had this most of my life i am 45 but it has been the last year that it got out of control that i did not know if i could even go to work or not some days i could not even make it to the bath room so i get the part of the show when she had to get dippers and i did not know if i was willing to leave the house or not and i did need to know where every bathroom was so when i had a upper gi and a colon scan they came up with H PY LORI so i took a lot of antibotics and it came back again hope that this time it goes away and good luck to all of you
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    • September 22, 2010
    • 00:27 AM
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  • I am blessed with diagnosis in multiples. I reject the ones I don't agree with . I watch mystery diagnosis as often as I can always hoping to see my own symptoms end up with a diagnosis. Habba syndrome sent me to my computer to see what else I could find out about it. I went to my doctor and told him what I had seen, I have been on a diet of immodium, and lomotil and lorazam. I have medicine for GERD and pain meds for arthritis and neurapathy. My doctor listened and knowing me did not put me thru any tests as I have been scanned scoped poked. The explosive diareaha has been blamed on nerves and eating wrong and pretty much just has had medicine thrown at the problem. I have had a real sensitive gag reflex. I have subsisted on rice and small bits of chicken and greek yogurt. Doctor put me on COLESTIPOL 1 gram. It's been 4 days without any explosive episodes. He told me not to change any other medicines that I am taking and just give this a try.No tummy cramping, no reflux, lots of gas...without the fear of bathroom disaster. I am actually hungry. The acid burning in my tummy is really minimal and food looks good instead of making me gag. I'm excited and oh so hopeful. I've become very humble due to terrible experiences in very public places. I've stopped my car and stood helpless on the side of the road with liquid shooting thru my jeans. I always carry plastic bags to set on in my car and a set of clean clothes. I desecrated an entire aisle in the grocery store as I ran out side. I so dearly want this to be the magic pill. I'll keep you all posted as days go by. I had a sandwitch with mayo and coto salami for supper. It tasted so good. Kinda tempting trouble but so far all is well. The scale still says 117 and I'm 5'9". But I have this bright new hope. thanks to all you lovely ppl who share your stories and add peace of mind for other sufferers.
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    • September 27, 2010
    • 06:00 AM
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  • The reason that discovery of Habba syndrome is so significant is because there are so many people currently diagnosed with IBS who may have Habba instead. Though this disease is still considered newly discovered, patients who have been unresponsive to traditional treatment methods for IBS may not be responding to treatment because they’re really suffering from gallbladder dysfunction, and most treatments for IBS do nothing to address this. holiday gift baskets
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    • September 30, 2010
    • 00:50 PM
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  • i had been diagnosed with IBS for years, and nothing seemed to help. then i heard about habba syndrome. i was tired of the expense of tests, and my doc let me try welchol (a cholesterol med that is a bile acid resin) just to see what would happen, since it is extremely safe and has few side effects. it worked like a charm from day one! i can now eat whatever I want, and it is like i never had IBS! i am even able to take it while pregnant, because it is such a safe med. i recommend you just find a doc that will let you try the meds and see if they work for you, why pay for expensive tests if you dont have to?
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    • February 18, 2011
    • 04:17 PM
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