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Got a good one.

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  • Posted By: Ron1937
  • April 1, 2007
  • 04:47 AM

Medical history; I'm 69 about to be 70 in 3 mos. Was mis-diagnosed with diabetes in my 20's by an Internist. Treated with diet, no insulin. Then after a retest when in my mid 50's was cleared of that burden by my new Internist. Couldn't buy life ins. for 30 yrs. Might as well have said I had cancer. But, while working for my companies they had to put me on. Then retired in 03. Bye bye life policy. Have had a very low value life policy from prior to mis-diagnosis. Couldn't buy more. Too expensive at my current age even if the listened. Real problem was a "renal spillover" for about an hr. after a big meal. Then in the early 70's I went through ***l, especially 74. Went to ER's multiple times and was giggled at. Like, He's ba-a-ck ! Very unprofessional. In 75 on a Tuesday I passed out at work to later hear two supers that I had tied one on. Denying it and actually breathing my foul breath towards them they agreed. Two days later I again passed out in the hospital. No diagnosis up to then. Woke up in the op prep room on Sun. at 11 PM. Wife was with me as they had given me the last rites. A team of seven docs were to open me up on Mon. AM. But instead at 12 midnite or so they had to go in. Wife signed the consent form. 18 1/2 hours later woke up in recovery after 18 hr operation. Told me I had Crohn's and there was a drainage bag on my stomach wall. I was disconnected inside with hopes of recovery then re-attach the small intestine to itself. That was Mon. PM. Things got worse by Wed. at which point either sedation or my pain level really did me in. Sat. PM at midnite it was here we go again. Another 16 hrs under the scalpels.My weight went dangerously high as the IV went in but wouldn't drain. The younger doc's saved me in the interim as the older one wrote me off. Not a smoker since 68. Social drinker only. And worked hard so I was in pretty good shape. No ostomy till 78. Ate some pineapple chunks in 77 Nov. I now watch what I eat more closely. My doc's, #1 and #2 in surgery since the 75 ops went skiing and did not want to come back. So I got the #3 surgeon to agee for an operation we felt I needed. Lo and behold, that nite I unblocked. At that poit I tried to gently tell #1 doc I was looking for a new opinion and thanked him for what he had done. Privately I had lost faith in him for a few reasons. The I called for doc #3 and asked him to take my case as doc# 1 had agrred to a separation. I was a lot naive as soon after doc #1 came in white as a ghost and requested I find another doc. I acceded and was in limbo. No way was I going back to doc #1 or #2. Doc #2 blew a cork and screamed at me and calling me vile names as to how I had shattered doc #1, his best friend, by the way. I'm not a sue you person. Never have been. So Privately doc #3 sent me to the "Mountain" at a Boston hospital and who probably at that time one of the five best Crohn's and ostomy docs in the world. Also my new Internist recomended me to the same doc. Had my third op and this time got an ostomy and a newer liveable life. Have had my problems in this life . I could go on and on. The real problem now is what occurred from Tues. PM to Fri, actually Sat 1:30 Am. #1: Massive pain near the charts top. 100 % of my body. No OTC pain killer began to touch it. #2: All my joints, almost immediately really acted like instant arthritis. #3: No fever, ever thruout the episode. #4: Got winded real easy. #4; No phlegm; No nasal buildup. Cant have antihistamines anyway. #5: Very little sleep, it was in snatches at best. More like passing out as my body had me do it. 1/2 - 1 Hr. at a time. #5: Extremely weak. And hard to concentrate.
Then miraculously on Sat AM at 1:30 I awoke soaked in sweat, and I mean soaked. Had to change my PJ's and the bed sheets and pillow case. Slept from 2:30 AM till 4:30 AM. Pain level way down. Head clearer. At 1:00 PM Sat took two Ibuprofen (enteric), followed by two more every 4 hours.and now it's 12:40 AM Sun. Feel like life is worth it all again. Opinions ? And please don't doubt any of what I have said. Not a hypochondriac. Just trying to enjoy what I have left. First time in 40 yrs my wife really really believed me about my unhealthy momentary status.

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  • Sorry y ou've had such a tough time. Medical problems change everything and you were relatively young when your body changed so dramatically. I also had the same life insurance problem, and my kids are young so that bothers me. Anyway, I'm guessing you had a really bad virus. Glad to hear you have your wife by your side. She sounds pretty neat. Good luck!!
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  • Thanks for your comments. My wife has had to live up to our wedding vows. I'm sorry it was that way. She's never complained. Though at times she didn't understand what happened or went on with my body. Heck, neither did I, or some of the doctors. She's 7 yrs younger than me. A lot was put on her youth. She's originally from Louisiana (45 yrs ago) and my in-laws couldn't have been better to me. Though they were 1500 miles away. So I had a lot of support. Support helps. Acceptance helps. It has been a learning curve for all involved. As for any life insurance on me, my wife has a small policy on me at her workplace. And my original low policy. If you are young enough SBLI may be affordable yet. Or AARP or the like. Depends on your health then wealth. Otherwise don't beat yourself up. We all do what we have to to survive. Our family motto seemed to be "Non carborundum illigitemi." (Don't let the bastards grind you down.)
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