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Getting worse

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 12, 2007
  • 10:07 PM

My problem has been going on for many many years. Up to now I have probably gone through 20 doctors who have no idea what is going on with me or have jsut given up on trying to find out. I have very bad fatigue to the point on days I can't even get nothing started and go back to bed for naps at least 3 times a day. Muscle weakness to the point I havae quit alot of the thing I loved to do especially in my yard. It is even hard some days to hold up the hair dryer. Stiffness especially when I do have some energy, I would sit down for 5 minutes and can barely get up. I was treated for RA for about 2 years when another doctor asked why when I don't even have any proof I have RA. Eye redness and pain, I have been to 2 specialist they can see something is wrong but there is nothing physically wrong with my eyes. Enery level comes about once very 2 weeks and last a day. Then I have to sleep a day to get rested. I have red streaks across the tops of my fingernails and toe nails and nobosy knows what that is. Is there anyone who can figure this out? I am about ready to give up.:(

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  • Hi!I hope you get better soon! Have they checked your thyroid? Also, have they checked you for Lyme disease? I had a friend who suffered with lyme disease for years before she was diagnosed (in another state, while we were on vacation.)Have them check you for those. Take care
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  • All my test come back fine. They have checked my thyroid and they checked for lyme disease they have all come up normal. They just got through running for vitamin deficency and so far the ones that are back are fine. Now I get to were my feet fall asleep when I sit and it feel like someone is jabbing the bottom of them. I also get shooting pains in my legs. The fronts of my legs.
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  • I am so sorry to hear of your struggle. I, too, have extreme fatigue and physical pain. If I do anything strenuous, like even go to the mall for a couple of hours, I am totally wiped out. My doctor's have said it is all due to stress. One doctor said I have Fribromyalgia, which is fine and dandy, but there are now real "immediate" alleviations for the symptoms. I take PROVIGIL to help with my altertness during the day, despites some controversy over this drug, i do think it helps. I must be functional for my children, but I spend way too many days in my pajamas and without taking good care of myself. It is very, very possible to have Rheumatoid Arthritis even though it does not show up in the blood work. Not all people with RA have the RH factor, that is a very well know fact in the medical community. I would recommend seeing a rheumatologist. My mom, who has RA, has recently begun acupuncture. We will see how that goes. She also has started taking somethign she got from the Health Food Store that is made my Queen Bees, it is called Royal Jelly and she says it seems to be helping with her joint pain. I have not tried it yet, but plan to in the near future. It is so distressing to have phsical issues that no one can pinpoint. My heart goes out to you.
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  • Make sure your doctor when checking for vitamin B12 deficiency--- does the following 3 tests together:serum B12methylmalonic acidhomocysteine A serum B12 test is not good enough by itself. An elevated MMA or borderline elevated MMA indicates B12 deficiency. Your signs and symptoms could be a B12 deficiency---- which is treatable---- you must have the tests done before going on B12 orally or getting an injection. Read the thread Vitamin B12 deficiency is commonly misdiagnosed on this forum.
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  • Find a lyme literate doc at www.lymenet.org - one that uses the Bowen Lab for accurate lyme testing. Regular testing is very inaccurate. The advice above about the RA test is very true. About 1 out of 3 people with RA do not show in the blood. And RA can be late stage Lyme.
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  • That Is Why They Call It Practice Medicene How About The One Who Gave Her Chemo For Sooo Long Then Found Out She Was Or He Was Wrong Patient. I Bet Who Ever Is Out There Maybe Some Dr. Will Be Helpful For You. Good Luck Make Sure They Get The Correct Information.
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  • I am from Missouri,and have suffered alot of the same things you complained of...take the advice of getting another lyme test.This time ask for coinfections,with the red streaks in your finger nails I wonder about cat Scratch fever,or more appropriately named bartonella(bartonelliosis).i am sure my spelling of that is incorrect.This bacteria is often a co-infection w/Lyme ,however;it also can be alone.Mine left what everyone thought was pregnacy stretchmarks all round my mid section.they are a red streaks.Anyway i felt compelled to add my two cents.I also went years trying to find why I had such bizare complaints for someone who appeared healthy.Not only did I feel i was getting worse ,I was drasically getting worse all the while i got diagnosis of ,But your fine!!Your blood work is fine,other than terrible cholesterol levels.I was diagnosed 2001 w/ Lyme,Bartonella,Babesia, all tickborne disease.
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