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General Abdominal Discomfort

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 13, 2009
  • 01:54 AM

At 40, began having general discomfort and what I felt was some nausea (never vomiting though). After 3 years off on and off symptoms, and very distracting at times, I had an episode of pain around my gallbladder. It lasted about 2 minutes, then vanished. A quick call to my doctor and a visit with a GB surgeon, and I was diagnosed (finally) with gallbladder disease. Had it removed (endo) and feeling pretty good since, though have never really felt my digestive tract was 100%. Occasionally, I would feel similar feelings to before GB surgery, which was mostly just an "icky" feeling (sorry that's a vague generalization).

Last year, I had a few weeks of same feelings, and that icky or nausea feeling, general discomfort for sure but not a specific pain in a specific spot, I went the emerg. room it was so bad. All blood tests were fine, EKG and no heart issues reported, xray fine, urine fine, etc. Finally ended up at Gastroenterologist, and could not figure it out either, though some diarrea resulted in stool sample tests. One test came back positive for Cryptosporidium. No drugs, just let immune system take care of it and eventually after about 4 weeks of being miserable, it finally did.

Now, 2 weeks ago again, similar feelings, a sick feeling, some bloating (always) and my only way to describe is mild nausea feeling. Some minor pain now and again upper ab, but mostly a general abdominal feeling of "I guess I really don't know how to describe it". Gastroent. again ... I keep saying a nausea feeling, or maybe general malaise (whatever that really means), but just feel bad. When I desribe to Dr. I am sort of pointing to lower ab area, but a I make big circle which could include stomach area too.

I think my biggest challenge is I just don't know how to properly describe what I'm feeling ... it's not stomach to me, but could be as the whole area seems to eminate that nauseaous, sour, ick feeling. It is distracting, yet times during the day I feel perfectly fine.

There may be some association with food and/or time I eat, but I've not been able to pin anything obvious down (and I'm tracking everything, and doing little experiments). Nothing seems consistent. I might eat a slice of pizza perhaps, and feel great on one occasion, on another, not. I'll eat an apple next day and not feel great, then take a walk and stretch, drink some warm water and feel fine for awhile. But I've simplified diet quite a bit, taking some probiotics and enzymes to ensure tract is populated well for digestion, drinking more water, eliminated carbonated drinks, lowered fat, increase fiber, etc. But so far, no joy.

Nothing makes sense, though I have been somewhat methodical.

A few things I do know; it's frustrating, distracting and a challenge to describe. I am otherwise healthy, slightly high BP, strong, skin is fine, tongue okay, I've never smoked, occasional glass of wine, never tried any illegal drug, walk a lot (though could exercise more), not under stress that I can point to, very happy when I feel good, future is bright in my opinion, sex is fine, muscles ache occasionally, play tennis and golf, etc. and just turning 51.

Getting older can't be this difficult. Wish there was a magic scanner that could pin point the problem though. Thoughts or comments are very welcome.

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  • Hi, I cant tell you where your problem lies, It would be nice if we knew what ailed us! However, if You previously had surgery to remove the gall bladder, and the symptoms that are reappearing are similair, you may want to consider that you have some scar tissue around that same area and it could be causing you discomfort and similiar symptoms. It is very common to acquire scar tissue after any surgery, and unfortunaltely if this is the cause not much can be done about it. Good luck in finding the culprit ..
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  • Hi,I know your post is from last year but I am guessing you are still having trouble. I have had trouble off and on since I was a teenager that sounds similar to yours. Have seen docs off and on thought alot of it was due to stress and maybe gallbladder although I have not had mine out. About five years ago I had kids and realized that gas medicine really helped. I would get terrible gut pains and feel nauseas with it. It was awful and I would always think it was from eating greasy foods etc... Anyhow taking two extra strength gas pills help my pain immensly the docs never even suggested it to me. For me it takes about 20 minutes and the pain usually goes away. I hope if you haven't already tried this it helps you!!!! Of course if you take other meds check with you doc first :)Cali Mom of Two
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    • January 9, 2010
    • 01:55 AM
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