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gastro problems

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 22, 2010
  • 05:05 PM

Where do I begin?? Ok,for at least 10 years I used the bathroom about 10-15 times a day, always diarehhea, and I had what I thought was acid in my stomach every morning. I would make myself throw up every morning to try and get rid of the burning. I finally seeked treatment (it will be two years ago this January) where scopings revealed antral gastritis, extreame spasming of the colon and stomach (which was diagnosed as chronic IBS), and a large harmatomous tumor in the sigmoid colon (which I was told in recovery by the gastrointerologist that he thought it was cancer). I was started on dicyclomine 20 mg and hyoscyamine .375, nexium and zantac. After starting this medication, I had trouble eating, constant diarehhea, spasming and constant left side pain. Things have not gotten any better. I have always been obese, even though I was very active. I lost 20 lbs in the first two months of taking the medication. I then started working out. Between exercising, using the bathroom 15 times a day, and not having any appetite I lost 85 pounds....but I also started loosing my hair and teeth and found out I have bone loss in my teeth from malnutrition. The spasming, gastritis, left side pain, and constant diarehhea did not get any better...my current medications are the dicyclomine 4 times a day, hyoscyamine, nexium and zantac twice a day, still with no relief. I've had ultrasounds, ct scans and exams with no luck as to why I still have so much pain in the left side except that I have extreame spasming. During my last colonoscopy a biopsy revealled celiac disease. I only eat certain foods and there were only two things that I was eating that even contained glutten. I ommited these things from my diet months ago and the only difference is that my diarehhea is now gone. Another problem is that I developed a perirectal absess that turned into a fistula. I had surgery and there is now damage to my sphincter muscle, sensory nerve damage, muscle damage and tears and now the possibility of a vaginal fistula. I have a first cousin with severe chron's disease, I have expressed my fears about this but the doc still says its just IBS....I dont think it is and I dont think I have celiac either. I do agree that I have some malnutrition and possibly some absorbtion problems because of the hair and teeth. Two weeks ago, I got a little angry and decided I was going to stop taking my meds... I havent had any spasming, but I have been very rundown and although I had some night sweats before, I am having them every night and am waking up completely soaked from head to toe, and having to wash all my sheets and pillows because they are also soaked. I feel lost and that I have been misdiagnosed but not sure what to do....

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