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Food allergys, random moods/jointpain/

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  • Posted By: Patterwig
  • February 20, 2007
  • 00:35 AM

I could really use some help, for the fisrt time these "less common" traits/symptoms are really geting to me..
THANK YOU for readin
So each could be totally unrelated or "normal" just listing anything unusual

Just in case there is connections.

Horrible (I have passed out) severe pelvic pain on the first day of menstrual cycle since my very
First menstrual cycle at least 9 out of 10 times or more depending on year.I am now 30. (note:this is intense pain, and I am one to act calmly after fractures and deep cuts etc...)
Severe lip itching, rash, back itches, weird painful acne usually at the same

time. 1 to 4 "bumps" usually around my mouth but not always.
Also about three days before my randomish cycle I get totally...well...mean..and nutty and have to stay away from interaction with others so I dont go hystarical.

A week or so before my menstral cycle I get painful/numbing mildly swollen under usually one breast.

This is occasionally along with chronic neck/shoulder pain shows up out of no where, usually gets worse after I have been up for an hour stays around for weeks sometimes, ibuprofen helps. this usually is with creakiness even if I have been out getting normal exercise...seems random, sometimes this
creakiness makes my knee give out when walking up stairs.
White patches (said to be vitiligo)from none at all to of my face. First and last seen 7 years ago and only lasted for a year, though
always around the mouth, a place that has always been prone to random hurts and scarring.(this one really confounds me)
Not noticing sometimes when hurt, high threshold for pain.
Some foods cause the roof of my mouth to swell and itch
I have severe spring allergies. Always have. My eyes are puffy for months.
Mental...seems connected...
Newish to "Teeth grinding"...but I get frontish Headaches in the morning even when I don’t.
Random extreme energy boosts, rarely sleepy if ever, I just get cloudy but my body is not tired, but my mind is.Though often I sleep 10 hours.
Random severe mood swings (mostly calm/tension to anger), inability to
concentrate, rarely completely able to focus.

Random abdominal pain right often starts an hour before coming home
which could be way unrelated. Usually relieved by laying down and reading.

Random dyslexia, unable to spell regularly, "eyes crossing" confusion usually

leads to extreme frustration. Stare off-often, Talk excessively even when I

know I should stop, it makes me more nervous so I talk more, cant stop

"finding answers/connections”. this tendency can consume my thinking and I
can not sleep, forget to eat etc, problem solving the unsolvable and unable to
stop. Find I want to be social and hate it, both are strong feelings but the

More I am not around people the more I do not want to be. I do not remember always being this way,
I am generally called ...energetic optimistic blunt and honest.
Also FYI
I am a vegitarian and have been since I was a teenager, eat healthy regular meals etc.

Ok does this even bring up any leads for my finding answers/connections need. Thanks any thoughts would be great.

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  • As for the pain you have prior or during mestrual periods, i suffered for .many years. Until i was about 28 and couldn`t get pregnant. My gyn doctor perform a laparoscopy test and found endometriosis. It was remove and i never suffer pain like before and became very regular.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 20, 2007
    • 01:53 AM
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