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  • Posted By: rob wardle
  • August 3, 2008
  • 04:09 PM

was injured at work 7-30-03 and from that day on i've lived with chronic pain and severe headaches and neckaches and shoulder spasms not to mention eye problems and hearing problems and loss of taste . was hit in the head with a very large pipe at work and it caused a lot problems starting with three surgeries to repair that damage and then had to have surgery to fuse my c5 c6 spine and from all that was sent to the center of neuro skills in bakersfield california to retrain my brain and eyes to work right and thru it all have suffered from headaches 24/7 not to mention spasms that are secondary to the accident in my shoulders . my life has gone down hill from that day since and have severe depression as a result of this life changing moment . to look at me you would never know i was hurt but inside i'm all screwed up and have short memory loss and blinding headaches and workmans comp has done eveything in their power to say there is nothing wrong and to get them to do anything is like pulling teeth and to say the least my life has had many ups and downs and even suicide has crossed my mind and had to have my wife hide the gun and thru it all i still go to work and pray for a quick end to this so called life. before this happened i was a person who lived life to the max with everything you could imagine from motorcycle racing to martial arts and was the president of our motorcycle club and there wasn't anything i wouldn't do or try and now all i want to do is hide out in a dark room and not be bothered by anybody . i sold the motorcycle and quit the club and quit martial arts and the only thing i do these days are go to work and maybe a ride or two on the weekend before the sun comes out and the rest of the day is hiding from light and heat ? i live with chronic headaches and take percocets times 5 a day and have muscle relaxers to ease the spasms and pain patches to ease the spasm as well and have sleeping pills which don't do a thing for me so their very far and few between but thru it all i keep trying to sleep and thats almost impossible at times because of pain , a good night might be 4 hours and not in a row because i wake up to pain every hour or so and let me tell you that is a killer . when i do sleep i don't move at all and wake to the most unbeleivable pain and spasms to the point my eyes feel like their going to blow right out of my head and and the pain in my temples is so intense that i can't even touch them for hours so imagine what glasses do to them ! my question is to you all is or have any of you had this kind of pain and what did you do to ease or end it . please reply

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  • Rob,I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. I can relate to how you feel. My life has been cut to about 40% due to a mystery illness that has plagued me for the past 7 months or so. I too was a serious multi-tasker who played soccer and volunteered after work. I simply can't do it anymore. My headaches are severe but not constant. I never know when it's going to come on though and I never know when all of a sudden I will lose my coordination, ability to speak coherently or simply forget where I am, what I am doing, or where I am going. It is incredibly frustrating on a level that I think those who haven't dealt with it simply can't understand. I personally don't have a lot of advice for dealing with the pain but I am on a headache forum at NeuroTalk. I think you'll find people there will empathize greatly and will be very helpful and supportive. I know there are several people who have pain management doctors.http://neurotalk.psychcentral.com/forum32.htmlI hope that helps some.
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  • PLEASE get yourself to an acupuncturist - it would really help! You should have lots to choose from in CA. Acupuncture will help with your pain, depression, sleep and fatigue. Please try this form of medicine. I see a lot of patients as "last resort" and they are often nearly in tears after having a treatment - because they are no longer in pain! Best wishesDOM
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  • No, I think your help will be there with EFT: http://www.emofree.com/ http://www.gloriaarenson.com/learn_eft_emotional_freedom_technique.html
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  • well i'm going to therapist who does acupuncture once a week every week and along with massage and ultra sound and heat and this is the relief i really feel and it took forever and a lawyer to get it done but my doctor has been really supportive and she is a brain specialist who deals with this on a daily basis . i'm going in for botox again next week and that helps for a while but it takes some getting use to because i work in the construction field and i drive alot and holding up my head all day really causes some neck pain and then the headache just increases in size and strenght . thru this all i have continued to work and most days its all i can do to stay there but i feel that work is the only thing that is keeping me alive but then there are days i think why am i doing this to myself because to not work drives me crazy but working drives me out of mind , stupid huh ? i've been with the same company for 18 years now and they have been really supportive thru this whole ordeal and still trust me and that means alot to me but there are days my memory just can't retain everything that goes on in a day and if i didn't keep really good notes i would just forget most of the day and wind up at home staring at the wall . i thank everybody for their imput and suggestions and i will try about anything there is to end this torement except pills because when this first happened i was a lab rat for every doctor that wanted to try a new pill out on me and let me tell you i was a zombie for months as the pill needed to be increased in doseage every week or two and by the time they got me to level they thought was needed i was drooling and falling down and at most times didn't know who i was or anybody was . anti-deppression drugs might work for some but not on me and after about 20 different kinds and doseages i said enough is enough and asked for help that didn't need drugs and the funny thing is the only relief i have at all is percocet ? a pain managment doctor had tried everything on me then said maybe this would work and oh my god for the first time in years i had a little relief and even so it doesn't last for more then 3 hours and never completely ends the headache it is still some form of relief and to date the only one that even eases the headaches . i wouldn't be able to go to work if it wasn't for the painkillers and the sleep well if you all have tried to sleep on painkillers you know what i'm talking about, weird dreams ! well i've bored you enough for now and once again thanks for everybodys support and advise ..
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  • Im sorry to hear about your misfortune. I too have chronic 24/7 headaches with neuro symptoms, and I know it takes a toll on your spirit and life. I would say, stay possitive. The world of medicine is ever changing, so there is always hope of a new/better treatment. Also, remember that science says our entire body is replaced every 7 years at the cellular level. Staying possitive, eating healthy and getting treatment can all help and maybe even provide a miracle. I live for a miracle every single day, and I think you should to. sincerely, Demetri
    DemetriS 3 Replies
    • August 22, 2008
    • 00:54 AM
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