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  • Posted By: Tdambach
  • March 8, 2013
  • 04:03 AM

Ok I am a 23 year old male who lives a kinda average life. I'm active, I have a job, etc etc. Yet somehow I have grown gallstones. I've looked up and had friends look up the "risk" factors or whatever to get them and I don't fit into any of the categories. Now living with them kinda sucks and I've gone to the ER 3 times so far and they keep telling me to go see a surgeon to get it removed (which I've had people tell me I'm to young to have to need that surgery and they feel bad. They aren't saying I shouldn't get it but cause of my age I shouldn't already be having these problems) Long story slightly shorter... Each time I go it is cause the pain gets worse and worse and I can't handle it. The first time they gave me some pink liquid I don't even remember and it helped. Second time they just flat out said there was nothing they could do to just go home and take some ibuprofen.... n the third time which was just recently they gave me morphine through an IV and it didn't help at all. 30 minutes go by and the nurse comes back in askin how I feel and I tell her the pain hasn't gone down at all. Instead of just getting the doctor to admit me to the hospital she just goes and gets diluaded? I think it is called and puts the in the IV as well. So now I got morphine + some drug that is even stronger that I never heard of before that date in me and the pain has only gone done slightly below bareable. I tell them that and they just say there is no way they can get rid of the pain completely but they will have to discharge me and gave me papers to call a doctor to schedule a surgery. Which they let me drive home with these drugs in my body... which I believe is kinda illegal? I'm not sure if it was on them or me.. but I made it home only slightly drowsy.

The next day I call the doctors office and he schedules me for the 13th (this was on the 2cd or 3rd I believe) for a follow up to what has put me in the ER 3 times which I thought would get a little more urgency then almost 2 weeks. I get a letter in the mail saying I'll need to take 60$ in or the appointment will get rescheduled and I need to pay for the surgery before any surgical procedure will take place since I don't have insurance. After a bit of searching I found that at best it'll cost over $9000. That is over a years salary working part time...

That brings me to where I am at right now basically the point of me posting on here is to get any advice I can to help my situation out. Any at home remedies to cure gallstones? Or get rid of the pain without taking 20 ibuprofen... Other ways to get the surgery for cheaper or somehow able to make payment plans?

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