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Fibromyalgia or CC?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 30, 2007
  • 05:07 PM

:confused: I've been sick for 12 years now. The doctors diagnosed collagenous colitis and fibromyalgia, along with neurally mediated hypotension, osteoarthritis, and mild coronary artery disease (not yet severe enough to be treated even with balloon therapy.) I've had 3 bad falls from the NMH and 4 joint replacements for the arthritis. I also have spells of severe shortness of breath, which the doctors first diagnosed as asthma and now as heart disease, for which I take a spray of nitroglycerin. I'm also on vytorin, cozaar, procardia, and toprol for high blood pressure; nortriptyline and ambien (and CPAP) for the fibro, and tramadol for pain. For the colitis I take entocort, and immodium.

My symptoms are severe, non-bloody diarrhea interspersed with times when I'm constipated. I get nauseated but don't throw up, stomach aches (cramps and sometimes sharp, stabbing pain), pain in my ribs, back, chest, and legs. I have neuropathies in my legs (numb spots that come and go and change location, sometimes even extending up into my lower abdomen. A neurologist told me that something is destroying my nerve cells from the inside out--the myelin sheath is okay and so is the cell nucleus, but the cell in between (cytoplasm?) is being destroyed.

I also get an itchy skin rash that pushes up from inside me in red bumps with raised white centers. I get bruises on my arms, legs, face, and neck. My veins sometimes become very prominent. The rash, bruises, and veins can disappear within hours or remain for months. At one time my legs were purple from my ankles to my knees. The dermatologists tell me it's dry skin, poison ivy, old age. (I'll be 70 in June.)

I get blisters and other sores on my gums--makes it hard to wear dentures. My eyes, nose, and mouth are very dry. Humidifiers, eyedrops, and hard candy help a little.

I get dizzy, usually right after a meal, to the point where I have to lie down. My head feels as though something were pressing on it.

The very worst thing is being constantly tired. I try to do my own housework, but my husband does as much or more than I do.

I know a lot of these symptoms are connected to fibromyalgia, but it seems that almost every day I read where they're also connected to the collagenous colitis. I'd give anything for a definitive diagnosis.

Can anyone out there help?


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