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face, neck & back injury

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  • Posted By: inpain24/7
  • April 14, 2008
  • 05:53 PM

Well i was hit in the face while looking up by a 5-8 pound object that fell about 3-4 feet above me. This was 2 months ago.
I instantly felt the pain down my neck and back, and of course the pain in my face. I felt dizzy, lightheaded and nauseous. i had x-rays of my face and cervical spine. was told had 2 herniated discs and arthritous in my cervical.
I am 45 so arthritous would be expected i guess. however about a week and 1/2 later i started feeling weak and the top of my legs started hurting 5 days later I was in the hospital as i could not walk. i was there 8 days. My vision has changed for the worse and I see spots at times. I had CAT scan and 4 MRI's. They said i had 2 herniated discs in my cervical spine and 3 bulging discs in my lumbar along with arthritous. They said there was no way my legs had anything to do with my head injury that i had post tramatic syndrom. I went home unable to walk on my own. it has been a month since I left the hospital and I can only walk about 100 yards before i get a shooting pain from my foot to my head. I have a contant Migraine since Feb. I also now have my toes going numb and tingling, more on the left. My left arm gets shooting pain and my fingers go numb and tingly, mostly on left again. I cannot hold anything even my cell with out shaking very bad. I get chest pains off and on that go into my armpit and down my arm to my elbow. If i sit down normal i get an instant shooting pain up my back but if i sit slowly and lean forward as I sit i am ok. My mid back now hurts as well. I go to a new Dr. this week. Any ideas on what may be wrong with me and what I should ask the DR. Does this sound like it could be gradually happenig from my injury???? I just want to be fixed again I am a prisoner in my house and i am taking classes on line to pass the time and further my education as I am a very active person not some couch potato. PLEASE COMMENT WITH ANY IDEAS.

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  • I am not a doctor; however, I just wonder if anyone has worked you up for fibromyalgia? I realize you have injuries, but you state the doctors don't seem to believe that this is the casue of your current problems, correct?
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  • You are correct the workers comp Dr. stated he could not tell until I have 2 new MRI's to see if there is compression on my spinal cord from the hernated discs. But he stated that my leg issues happened 2 weeks later so should not be due to my face, head injury, that any issues should of happened instanly or with in 24 hours. To be honest i could not tell you what all I have been checked for as when i was in hopsital for 8 days no Dr. would ever stop long enough to answer any questions only tell me when next test was even though I complained daily that I want the Dr. to anwers some questions and explain what is being done to get me better etc. Is i have gotten from them is there bills in the mail with notes that workers comp denied bills.They took 8 things of blood, 4 MRI's and Cat scan. at time of injury i got x-rays and 3 tubes of blood taken. I have now had 2 more MRI's but no Dr. has reviewed them yet. i have them on CD but do not know what to look for. I have to take them to my Spine Dr. Wed.Why would I risk loosing everything I worked so hard for.I got hit in the face while looking straight up by a 5-8 pound box. I thought like a whipblash kind of thing at first until i started having all these other issues the gradually appeared. I will ask this Dr. as he has requested my hospital records already as well.
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