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Extreme Exhaustion

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 26, 2009
  • 01:59 AM

A few days ago, I came down with something (I never went to the doctor to get it checked out, but it seemed to sort of go away, with A LOT of sleep). The body aches and pains I was feeling before have stopped, but the extreme, intense exhaustion is returning.

My brother has an iron deficiency and the sort of thing runs in the family, so I'm pretty sure that's what it is. I don't want to make the mistake of diagnosing myself however, since I suppose it may not be iron related. Here's why I think it is (aside from the family history):
- Very pale skin
- Constant, consistent feeling of needing sleep, feeling as though maybe a good 30 hours would be just great
- loss of appetite
- difficult to control body temperature, with it wavering into highs and lows, but tending to be on the low side, keeping me feeling very cold most of the day. This is especially true of my limbs
- A very faint, but still noticeable blue tinge to my lips
- I'm a vegetarian (for just over two years)

I'd say those things all seem to point in the same direction, but I'm interested in what others may think. I will be going by a clinic tomorrow to have blood work done, since it's been nearly of week of this barely-able-to-function stuff and frankly, I think I've left it to a ridiculous point. Most recently (today) I noticed that my urine has a red tinge to it, it's VERY clear that I'm extremely dehydrated, though I drink water like crazy. I'm not suggesting this reddish tinge is blood, but I'm at a loss to explain it. Normally when I'm dehydrated, the urine colour is a bright yellow, verging on neon - it's not generally dark at all.

Maybe at this point I should mention that I'm a 23 years old female, active and otherwise generally fit. I do have a chronic congestion situation, which I don't see as being linked, but what do I know, might as well put it out there - the body is a rather complicated thing, isn't it?

Suggestions, comments, ideas would be much appreciated.

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  • Good that you are going to get tested. Avoid suggestions from folks that promote quack medicines and some of the more outlandish herbal therapies. I am with you that you are probably suffering a nutritional deficiency. Eating a vegetarian diet is prone to causing this without proper supplementation of vitamins and minerals.Good fortune on correcting the situation.
    MattB4 53 Replies
    • December 27, 2009
    • 09:26 PM
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