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Extreme accidental overdose of chemical sprays

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  • Posted By: woodsman1st
  • August 13, 2012
  • 04:30 PM

I live in Phoenix Arizona; where for the past three months temperatures have benn between 108 and 115 degrees; in my elclosed garage temperatures exceed 130 degrees. I live in a guest house attached to this garage on my daughters property.

In this garage I have dozens of spray cans of chemicals used for my woodworking hobby, and a half dozen or so of other spray cans of chemicals I use when working on my pickup truck. Over the past three months my garage has been releasing chemicals from the majority of the spray cans due to the extremely high heat in the garage; three brand new cans of carberator cleaner are totally empty; all of the others are half to three quarters empty. The gasses expand under the high heat and are released during the hot afternoons and evenings. When I go into the garage I have to leave the doors open for a time due to the toxic smell of chemicals in the air....it's really really bad!

Starting approximately 6 to 8 weeks ago, my cat became ill and went off its feed for 4 days; now he seems to be ok.
Four weeks ago I was taken to Emergency haveing trouble breathing, coughing, and pain in my lower right chest of about a 5 on the pain scale. The hospital kept me for four days but could not find anything wrong with me; pneumonia was suspected, but not proven.
Two weeks ago, on a Sunday, I had to take my Labrador Retriever into a Veternarian Emergency Clinic; he was coughing and gagging, refused to eat; seemed to have trouble breathing. Again pneumonia is suspected, but not proven with xrays. He was given antibiotics.
THE VERY NEXT DAY, I was once again taken to the hospital Emergency Room, basically same complaints as last time, but much worse. The pain in my chest had shifted to the upper left and was now excrutiating; a new 10 on the pain scale! I have never in my 77 yearts felt such pain! Trouble breathing, coughing, and extremely weak. Dozens of tests were run, countless blood tests, Xrays, and an MRI on my chest; all the while I am on heavy doses of morphine for pain. The MRI showed a problem in my lungs; spots. They inserted a tube down my throat to examine those spots; they could not take a biopsy because I am on Plavix and they felt the danger of uncontrolled bleeding was too great. I am now awaiting results from tests done during that exam; and expect to be called in for a biopsy once the Plavix is out of my system.
I was in the hospital for five days; and released because I felt somewhat better. The next morning I noticed that I was rather weak and shaky from my waist down; on a scale of 10, it was about a 3 or 4. The following day the weak and shaky feeling increased to about a 5 or 6 on that scale. I told my daughter about it, in case it got worse.

Now the reason for this post.

Two days after my release from the hospital, around 6:30 PM, my daughter came to bring me somthing to eat as I was not feeling well enough to cook. As she entered my home, she asked me with alarm in her voice, "Dad what is that smell?"; and instantly stepped back outside. I couldnt smell anything. She failed to convince me that there was a bad smell in my house; then went home and told her husband. I decided to take my dog out to relieve himself, and stayed outside longer than usual in an attempt to clear my nose so I might be able to detect what she had been smelling. After about 20 minutes I went back inside and was assaulted by some almost overpowering chemical smell...It was the same smell I would get whenever I entered my garage on a hot day, which is every day now in Arizona.
I opened my windows and the door; then I opened my garage door to get the smell out of there; that night I slept with the windows open and the garage door open; that was yesterday. Today the weakness in my legs may have decreased a point or two.

Here is what I think has been happening.

I am disabled so I spend most of my time indoors; if I go shopping or to a Doctors appt, I do so in the morning; I am then home before noon every day and I remain inside. As the day goes on and the temperature increases, my garage turns into an oven releasing all those chemicals from the spray cans. This tainted air now seeps gradually into my house; slowly; getting progressivly worse as the day goes on; and I then slowly become used to the smell of chemicals and do not notice them!!!
This has been going on since early June. I just became aware of this potential threat to my health and have not yet called my Doctor on it..

Now I am scared silly; what the **** have I done to myself, my dog and my cat?? I will of course call my Doctor as soon as I sign off here; but I need someone to tell me what I have done to myself and my pets; will this go away? How much danger am I now in???

I sure hope that somebody replies to my post quickly.


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