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Extreemly painful fluid filled blisters on skin, face, neck, arms, chest back of head

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  • Posted By: mcbitchman
  • April 11, 2013
  • 06:19 AM

Since about 2005 I've had a recurring skin problem that incl VERY painful fluid filled blisters. The highest pain ever including appendicitis, blown hamstring, split skull. It starts out w/ a small zit like bump or maybe a few of them. and it itches a lot. So you scratch it and it drains out after a bit w/ lots of pain until they pop. Sometimes there are larger areas underneath the smaller ones filled w/ fluid, and you have to scratch through the small ones to get to the large ones. If they are not drained they continue to get bigger until the pop with lots of pain and pressure. It seems as though the blisters grow as you scratch the old ones off new ones come in right behind. I've had this on my arms and chest and around my mouth as well as around the ears. The most recent episode is on the back of my head and neck. It has been there for over a year and a half. I've been to the doc and have been told it's not shingles. I've been tested for cancer w/ a biopsy, checked for lead, mercury and arsenic w/ blood tests. And told it may be folliculitis, yet the prescription for that did nothing. I have to spend about 1.5 hours in the morn and night draining the areas. If I don't then the pressure builds up and headaches start. Also the longer I wait to drain them the worse the pain. You have to actually embrace the pain and ask for more pain as in "come on is that all you've got"... or let's see if I can make myself pass out w/ pain as you scratch and drain. You cannot scratch w/ the fingernail, you must use your fingertips. I can actually make the whole back of my head wet when rubbing from the bottom up. The fluid discharge is amazing. Very debilitating in that until you deal with it you're not going to work or anyplace else. Any thoughts on this one? I've been told to go to a dermatologist but already have large med bills that are not paid so .... thanks dj

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  • I understand what your saying about medical bills as I have no insurance and do not go to the doctor for every little ache and pain, but what your describing sounds pretty painful and serious. If I were you, I would definitely go see a doctor and not worry about the cost. (remember they don't throw you in jail for being in debt)
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  • Can you upload a photo?Have you been to a dermatologist?
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  • Have you ever heard of Steven Johnson Syndrome? I have a work college who suffers from it. A very scary illness. Here is a link to it.http://sjsupport.org/I hope you find an answer soon. Good luck.
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