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Esophagus Rupture

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  • Posted By: Sharirob03
  • August 2, 2013
  • 08:39 PM

Hello! I sure hope somebody out there has had a similar problem. We are having no luck finding anyone else this has happened to. My husbands esophagus ruptured the first time on 4-1-11. He had a darviticulum develop at the base of his esophagus that eventually ruptured. He aspirated and as a result, his right lung was severely burned. He spend two week on a ventalator in ICU. Once he was finally well enough to come home, empyema developed and he had to have another emergency surgery to clear his chest cavity & lungs. His esophagus ruptured again, on the opposite side on 12-1-12. Prior to the first rupture, he would have episodes where food would get stuck in his esophagus and he would have to vomit to clear it. He had no such episodes after the first surgery, prior to the second rupture. At the advise of the surgeon, we saw the best gastro specialist here. (Savannah, GA / Memorial Medical University) The specialist ran a few tests to include an esophagus scope and a biopsy of the base of the esophagus. With the exception of one nodule and a VERY few eosinophils, his esophagus looked very good. Based on this, the specialist diagnosed him with eosinophilic esophagitis and recommended that he start an elimination diet (no wheat, dairy or tree nuts). During the followup, I asked the specialist when he intended on adding back one of the elimated foods and doing another scope to determine what the allergy may actually be. His response was that he had no intention of scoping him again. Now, considering that my husband has alomst died twice due to random ruptures, I have read everything and watched everything I can on eosinophilic esophagitis. I can't find one case where the specialist did not re-test after a period of time with the elimination diet. Furthermore, I can't find ONE SINGLE CASE where the esophagus has actually ruptured. So I asked the specialist directly how many times per year he sees an esophagus rupture when there is no trauma or cancer involved. His answer was that the hospital sees these cases several times per year. That is very interesting since my husbands surgeon has told me repeatedly that this hospital has only seen 3 esophagus ruptures in the last decade. Two of those ruptures were my husband and the third was a man with esophagus cancer. The man passed away. Knowing all of this, I went back to the surgeon and asked him what to do since the specialist we saw is one of two that are considered to be the best in Savannah. It just so happens, that the other specialist is the first specialists partner. The surgeon said that if it were his spouse, he would go to Tuffs in Boston to see one of the best specialists in the country. I have scheduled the appointment for Boston. I personally believe, based on everything I am seeing that my husband has been misdiagnosed. I think he possibly has Boerhaave syndrome or maybe Barrett's esophagus. I am not a medical professional but I have sat for hours in an ICU with the man I love praying he didn't die. For a specialist to tell me he has no intention of scoping him again is just not acceptable on any level. Does anyone have anything to offer on this situation? PLEASE, MY HUSBAND IS ONLY 43 YEARS OLD. I'M NOT SURE HE CAN SURVIVE ANOTHER RUPTURE...

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