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Durban TC Sever Poisoning Cloropyrifios

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 7, 2011
  • 07:25 AM

I was going to school and renting a house on Roosevelt road in Bloomington Indiana. I was just recovering from a very bad upper respiratory infection (strep). Well I was recovering at home. The next thing I know, unannounced the pesticide people came from "Economy" a local pesticide company. They said they were going to spray for termites. I asked if I needed to leave and they said no.
I went back to my bedroom and went to sleep, approximately two hours later I awoke to a blood curdling scream, so intense I thought my neighbor was being murdered. I sat up in bed so quickly.. scared. I noticed I sat up so fast that the scream echoed off the walls. I then discovered it was not my neighbor screaming but myself. I had the most unbearable pain from the back of my neck to the front of my head. I grabbed my hair and pulled it because the pain was so intense. This was the beginning of my nightmare.
I told my roomate I thought I may have been poisoned I had dry heaves, nausea and five minutes after I went to bed I had dry heaves for five minutes. When I woke up in the morning I had dry heaves for five minutes. My head ached so bad. I was also having stomach cramps and muscle spasms. THis went on for two days and I went to the campus emergency room. I said I was poisoned, they said that I was not and said it was a reaction to my medicine. I had been taking the medicine for weeks with no problem. They did not take a blood test and sent me home.
(little did I know, I discovered about a month later when I had enough energy) THat they workers for Economy never inspected the heating ducts. THe ducts were ruptured directly in front of the area they busted the block foundation to spray the pesticide into the foundation crawlspace.
The DURSBAN TC was sprayed directly into the intake of the heating system.. then superheated, the heater duct was blowing directly into my face where I slept for two hours before I awoke screaming.
Within the next few days the symptoms became evident.
A hole was eaten between my two nostril entrances, I began to bleed from my eyes, ears, gums, nose, penis,anus and bloody stools. Uncontrolled vomiting, continuous muscle twitching, My skin began drying and scaling, almost identical in size to a very large carp. I could peel sections off of my skin in pieces 3 to 6 inches long. I could pick the end of a scale about the sixe of my thumb and peel the skin up. My skin transformed into the only thing it resembled.. very large fish scales....exactly that. Dry heaves every morning and evening, muscle spasms and contractions that almost broke my leg without the help of a med student that supported my legs before they snapped. Cramps in leg neck and stomach. My hair dryed to almost brittle glass like in class blown curios, it would snap in two. In locations where pressure was applied to my skin knees, elbows and other locations the skin died, dried up and turned brown. The lower lobes of my ears separated from my head up to the where the cartilage is and bled continuously. My opening of my mouth dried up and the corners of my mouth dried up and cracked and tore a good 1/2 in farther on each side and bled continuously. (similar to my ears)I do not know how deep but it was almost as if I had been bitten by a recluse spider in many locations and the skin died. I could peel it off after many days like cardboard cereal box but thicker and harder. I lost all energy, the skin peeled off the inside of my throat and mouth leaving nothing but raw scarred tissue. I was just beginning to recover from my throat/respiratory infection and this made that illness seems like childs play. This continued for two weeks until it began to subside. THis was because it was the spring and I was using the heater less.. the contaminated heater system.
When I had enough energy I went to Economy and asked the owner what the ***l he was doing, I remember he had a Jaguar parked out front. He asked if I had a blood test he laughed tuned around refused to give me a MSDR and locked me out of his office.
I tried to file and sue but as everyone knows in Indiana if you are part of specific brotherhood these people are immune to any type of litigation no matter what they do.
I eventually had this documented with the Indiana health department but they said it was acute and could do nothing. Indiana University was negligent by not giving my poison test when I said to them exactly what had happened.
It took two years just to start regaining my strength. SOme years later it was discovered that Dursban had NO HALF life, as stated previously it was like a 7 day half life. I contacted the doctor/scientist who discovered how to detect Dursban poisoning with the cholinterase test years later that showed the permanence and continuing damage of the pesticide. I told him my symptoms and he stated the Indiana Department of health misdiagnosed the level of exposure and state as far as he knew at this date that I was the most profoundly poisoned person by this chemical that was still alive and did not die. HE state he would testify in court for me. He stated no one could know the symptoms you explained with out actually being poisoned. I was told then that it would continually deteriorate my nervous system and vital organs. It was continually degrading my system and was irreversible.
As time passed I discovered Indiana protects certain groups of people against any type of incarceration or litigation no matter how serious.
I guess I have been out of luck. EConomy by law had to report the exposure, but did not.
SO if anyone wants to study probably the most poisoned person alive by Dursban TC, I am you subject. Every legal representative has been paid off by DuPont to advertise that they defend victims and litigate. But in reality they obtain the information from the victim and then refuse to represent them.. then illegally pass the information onto DuPont. This is common knowledge.
I occasionally pass a farm or area that still uses the product. When exposed to the aroma I go into uncontrollable spasm that bends me over and I start dry heaving to the point I can barley breath. This happens instantaneously when I smell it, my body automatically goes into spasms. Is has not happened for years but the last time it was ten years after the initial exposure. Thats how much your body rejects this poison.
Again if anyone needs a case study for Dursban, I am your guinea pig......obviously I was already a guinea pig for DuPont.

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