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Dr's appt at 3, please help make a list of questions

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  • Posted By: katclem
  • February 5, 2008
  • 03:06 PM

Hi this is Katclem...I have a Dr's appt at 3 and am trying to make a list of questions...(I have neurological deterioration, see my post from last week). So, I am still waiting on my neurosurgeons interpretation of my L-spine MRI but have been warned that if I have arachnoiditis, he may not "see" it because he may be responsible :( I would not sue him even if he was, he did his best to help me when others probably would have paralysed me because they had misdiagnosed me. I was in a wheelchair at the time and have been able to walk since so I am very thankful to him. Anyway, this is a GP appt today. I know I have a UTI so that will be addressed. The thing is I have been seeing my symptoms as a "whole" when maybe there are a couple of things going on. I was told by Neuro that my achilles clonus is a sign of upper motor neuron lesion ie MS or brain tumor. From what I can find on internet it also can be spinal cord injury which I could have very well sustained from my fall in 2005. The progression is the issue. My pain is increasing daily, my bowel problems are getting worse...over the weekend I was muscle tested and two things came up...that the coccyx jutting forward into a nerve bundle was "scraping" nerves everytime I move and causing damage and my hypothalmus. Looking up hypothalmus, I found that if there was a lesion there it would present as urinary issues, temperature issues (which I definately have) so...should I ask for an ADH level?? Could an electrolyte imbalance cause achilles clonus? Should I just buck up and get the brain scan like the neuro wants? I have no insurance so I am trying to limit what I have done if I can. If I decide to get the coccyx removed how can I rule out arachnoiditis first because surgery would only make that worse right? What else can I ask about?? I have several congenital mid-line defects so a hypothalmus disorder would not surprise me...a tumor would present as increased ADH but so does prolonged pain ( I have nerve pain 24/7, not kidding) so how do we distinguish?? Well, I've rambled enough, any suggestions welcomed. Thanks, Katherine

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