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don't know what's wrong.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 23, 2006
  • 07:32 PM

here's a general summary of my problem. maybe one of you can help?

my friends and i go to a lot of ***k shows, probably over 20 in the past two years. at this one show we went to in philly, i had a panic attack (my first one ever, and i didn't know what it was at the time) during the show. the next day my boyfriend (who is now my ex) was over, and all the same feelings came back. i went to the ER thinking it might have been dehydration, where they didn't find anything wrong except a cyst around my forehead (which they said was completely normal and probably wasn't anything to worry about.) (since that time, whenever i saw/talked to the guy i would feel lightheaded and anxious.. so i pretty much told him to fxck off. i feel bad about it.)

since that time, (the concert was in august) i've been feeling dizzy almost ALL the time. i started seeing a psychologist for it and guessed that maybe it was anxiety, but now i'm really starting to doubt it. (maybe some social anxiety left over, though.) even just being in k-mart for a while i'll feel dizzy and worried that i might pass out. (but in all the situations i've felt dizzy in, i never passed out once.) it seems to get worse over time. around august it was only a lightheaded feeling, but now it's.. a worse lightheaded feeling, and i get worried about passing out. on occasion it might be a bit of vertigo, but that's only once in a while when i have my eyes closed.

i can't go into arcades or movie theaters for very long, because something about the noise and vibrations gets to me. same with being in a car and having the radio on. so i saw the local MD for it, he did a blood test, and the tests said that i have a slightly underactive thyroid, but he wasn't sure if that could cause it. i'm going back for another blood test in early january.

yesterday, i went to an ear nose and throat doctor. he said my ears looked fine, but that there was something he said about not being able to hear really low-frequency noises that they found in my hearing tests. he thought it could be meniere's disease and also mentioned lime disease. (Lime disease.. haha, you have to be kidding me. I'm barely ever outside in the first place, and I don't have any rashes or ANYTHING. I personally think the guy's crazy for saying that, but I really want to get my life back on track.) So maybe meniere's makes a tiny bit of sense to me, but they're still going to do more tests on my ears in early january also.

even something as simple as taking a shower is enough to make me feel the same way. (which is why my hair is greasy right now. ew.)

my ears don't really make any ringing noises (and if they do it's not often and only lasts a few seconds.) but i usually yawn a lot during the day, even when i'm not tired, and i'll hear them popping.

also, sometimes my eyes will black out for a few seconds, but then they'll come right back. it happens occasionally if i change positions, and it also only happens once in a while.

sometimes it'll feel like there's something in my throat but the doctors didn't see anything. also.. this is strange and probably silly, but if i have a lot of mucus in my nose, it has this weird kinda fruity smell.

during the past few months i've changed my diet a lot. i completely removed fast food from it, and i also took caffeine products out altogether.

as far as i know, i'm not anemic, but i'm really pale. (probably naturally lol) and my hands get cold a lot, especially when i'm typing on the computer.

anybody know any helpful information? thanks in advance.

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  • If it happened for the first time at a ***k show, I'd guess something got tweaked or bumped, and you haven't recovered.The fact that it incorporates ear & eye problems means it's unlikely to be 'in' the eye or ear - more likely 'in' the brain.I'd get as much sleep as possible - the body repairs itself towards the latter end of a sleep period when there's no adrenalin or adrenalin by-products sloshing around.The other possibility that's on my mind at the moment - have you given up smoking? If so, you could be experiencing withdrawal from arsenic, which is present in cigarette smoke, and which causes health problems that sound a little like yours if you withdraw from it 'cold turkey'.This last one is highly speculative - based on a radio advert & a book 'If I'd killed him when i met him'. Helen
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 24, 2006
    • 06:49 AM
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  • Thanks for replying.But no, I never smoked to begin with.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 26, 2006
    • 07:24 PM
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  • Lyme desease is in the blood system and effects the nervus system and other organs. I't sounds unlikely that you have that desease. When ever you have strange smells that do not come from a spacific source is usally a sighn of a bran tummer. You should get a cat scan if you continue to have other strange smells and head symptoms. And hey! and stay away from ***k shows and other bacteria of society. I diden't say it, GOD says it. after all, He created you.
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