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Do I have a mental problem? please help!

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  • Posted By: andrew5555
  • November 27, 2008
  • 01:09 AM

I am a 16 years old guy. I was born in another country but i moved to canada 3 years ago.I think im not a normal person. i use to be normal like everybody with confidence in my self and who i am. now everything bothers me. i hate everything now, i think life in not fair to me. i tried so hard to become more social and to have more friends and also to have a girlfriend but im too ***n shy (my language is the excuse). If somebody told me that im ugly, i will believe him. i dont believe in myself. i try so hard to look good infront of everyone to the point i get sooo nervous thinking that everybody is looking at me. my hands sweat severly in all social situations. i also cant focus and forget stuff that i have to do in a short period of time and remeber it later like i want to turn off my computer but i forget, do my laundary today but i forget!
i always think that everybody (especially my friends) are better than me. im also really kind and i think thats the only thing that made me have some friends. i guess if i was born here, i will have a normal language and speak loud and dont care as much. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. as simple as this stuff sound, its a really huge problem in my life to the point that all i care about is to be a normal guy enjoy his life. im tired from trying to be like a normal person. all i care about is to make everyone else happy so that i will be happy. thats how simple and kind i am. i cant speak for myself and i always smile bec im too shy. you dont know how hard i tried to change myself and my personality but it just gets worse.
please tell me do i have a mental illness or its just something that will go away with some confidence?
i really hate myself, i just wish one day to wake up with a different personality .
I'm quiet, shy, anxious, depressed, etc. I can't seem to connect with people at all. I can't express this to anyone but I'm worried that I'm too weak, repulsive, unattractive, incompetent.
I really am a failure. i always screw everything up.
thanks so much for reading.i tried to be as much detalied as possible to tell me i have anything.

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  • Of course you don't have any mental problem.. Reading your message was like reading my autobiography when I was the same age you are now. It was a nightmare the only fact of going to the school, or walking in front of my classmates, also my hands were sweating, many times I was shaking and I felt a lot of PHYSICAL reactions for my insecurities, I hated myself, in my mind anyone was better than me, it was a really bad experience living my daily life, a torture I would say. I am an adult woman now, I am 39 and I am very distant to what I was before or what you are describing. When I was 16 and I felt so miserable I began going to a church not because I wanted to meet God but make some friends (which was not not easy for me at all) and the best part that I discovered there was a library where I was able to find good self-help's books and that was a great help for me in that terrible time... Trust me and try to find info about that.. if you look into the internet you will find a lot of titles and you will be able to select which one you need more now. Have you heard about the word "assertiveness"? Find out what that means.. there are many tests in order to find out if you are an assertive person or you are not.. But I asure you.. there's plenty information for you to read, many things for you to do in order to grow and be yourself.. I am sure there is a beautiful and humble person inside you and you have to discover it!! You recently moved to another country and that's something which can bring to you to many insecurities but that also will get to an end as you continue living your life and realizing what you really are. Sometimes is easier, sometimes harder, it depends of the personality of each individual, the environment, the family and a lot of things.. but don't panic.. Adolescense is hard for some people.I hope my words can help you.. You can have my advises ANYTIME!! : )
    duquesol 1 Replies
    • November 27, 2008
    • 06:59 AM
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  • thanks so much for the info:)
    andrew5555 1 Replies
    • November 27, 2008
    • 07:30 PM
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  • No, of course you don't have a mental problem. A lot of people feel the way you do at your age, probably even some of your friends. You may feel like most of the problem is your being from another country but I guarantee that other people would want to get to know you just because you lived in another country. If not now then definitely when you are an adult you'll find that people will be drawn to you BECAUSE you are not like everyone else. I would try to join a club or regularly go to a community center or church where you can meet other people who enjoy the same hobbies as you do. I would not recommend this until you are an adult, but zoloft greatly helps with anxiety, which it seems you have a great deal of. With zoloft you will find that anxiety greatly reduces.
    acsproul 10 Replies
    • December 4, 2008
    • 04:55 PM
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