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Did complaint lead to diagnosis being withdrawn ??

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  • Posted By: texas62
  • May 31, 2010
  • 05:34 PM

I have had back problems from the young age ' some days I was unable to stand straight on bad days I would either be bent over frontwards or bent over to one side and experience pain in my lumber area and buttock which would shoot down my leg' if I tried to straighten up I would experience a more sever pains , after a day or so the pain would subside and I would be able to stand correctly again I carried on as normal my father did not believe in bothering the Dr unless you were dying ! (but I do not blame my parent) I did make a appointment with the GP once but my back was okay at the time so nothing was done and I never bothered my GP again) untill the age of 24 yrs when I developed a muscle problem in one of my arm it would be fine until I lifted a few items when I would experience muscle pain and weakness and ended up being limited on how far I could lift my arm .When the arm problem began interfering more and more with my work and I was referred to a specialist who administered Cortisone injections (which never helped my problem ) I carried on working until my late 30s until my back and arm problems became much worse .I was referred to a back specialist who sent me for a M.R.I scan on my spine,when I returned for the results I had noticed a hump developing on the top of my spine which I pointed out ! I was told wedged shaped discs had showed up on the M.R.I scan which he said was nothing to worry about and he told me I was discharged I asked about the hump and again one of them told " It was nothing to worry about " !
then about 5 months later I visited MY GP because the pain was getting worse, he sent me for a Bone Density scan when the results returned I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis ' I was sent to a different hospital and another back specialist who also diagnosed me with Scoliosis and prolapsed discs' during another M.R.I scan it showed I also had a very severe problem with one of my organs thanks to the second hospital I am currently having treatment for the condition . Since turning 40 I developed more muscle pain and weakness in all my limbs and neck 'and throat , I also suffer from severe pain sensations in the shin area when standing or walking , some days I cannot have anything touching my legs because it will cause very severe pain I cannot wear trousers some days or have the quilt on my legs when in bed just the touch of the material cause severe pain I have certain days when I feel so ill I'm either in bed ( sleep sometimes helps ) or stuck on the settee' some days I am unable to stop myself falling asleep ( without warning ) walking small distance is very painful on these days. I was once admitted into hospital (where I first saw my first back specialist ) tests were done and they discovered I was suffering from a quite severe condition , I was started on the medication for the condition and I was asked if I would stay in hospital to enable the specialist to study the condition ' I agreed because I was so thankful that at last I was going to receive the treatment for the condition which had been ruining mine and my families lives, but on the forth day a incident happened which I complained about , within 2 hrs I was approached and asked if I would like to go home for the weekend but return for Xrays and re-peat blood tests the following week I agreed . I waited 2 weeks then contacted the hospital as they had not yet been in touch I was shocked to hear the tests had been cancelled and Diagnosis and medication withdrawn' when I enquired why I was told that I was supposed to of said the medication was not working and I was told I supposedly refused to undergo X Rays and tests and had discharged my-self ( ALL COMPLETE LIES ) I did learn later that a certain person at the hospital had claimed I was going to refuse any further tests !
But when I tried to proceed with a complaint everything which I was previously told ( refusing tests and discharging myself)all was denied by the hospital ! and I was told that the 2 tests which had confirmed a condition had probably tested positive "INCORRECTLY " I was told it was probably a less serious condition ' but the specialist who deal with the certain less severe condition has examined me and denied this is the problem and had said further tests should be carried out ( I got a copy of his report )...........but this has been ignored and I have been discharged by the specialist who first diagnosed the condition. :mad:
I recently needed another M.R.I scan which showed more prolapsed discs and nerve damage in another part of my spine ( I was told the results by the specialist who organised the scan) yet when I was referred to one of the back specialists I had seen in the beginning of my problem he told me the disc and nerve damage in my neck was normal for a person in their 40s ! nothing is being done .
I currently have 2-3 days a week with pain but able to move around ( due to medication ) the rest of the time I feel ill and very angry ! I should be able to live a near normal life with my family and be able to go places without ending up ill or just to bad to go anywhere but due to one hospital this is not possible !
I am unable to add certain information for fear of retrebution by the hospital concerned

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