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Diagnosed with IBS, wondering if it could be something else...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 14, 2013
  • 04:12 AM

Hi there,

I'll do my best to keep my long story short.

To start, I'm 23 yrs old, 155lbs, and in good shape. Back in August, I began having substantial stomach pains 1-2 hrs after eating a meal. I soon noticed blood in my stool - mostly bright red, occasionally maroon, but always within the stool and not 'coating' it. At the time, I was working a very stressful & mind-numbing job that I suspect had taken its toll on me. Late in August, I visited a gatsro who diagnosed me with IBS and prescribed a simple fiber supplement & probiotic pill. In October, I left my job - my main stressor - in search of new work.The post-meal pains diminished shortly thereafter, but my bowel habits & stool appearance never quite went back to normal.

Over the course of the next few months, I began experiencing other strange symptoms that remain persistent til this day:
- Tarry, discolored stool that rarely comes out in one solid piece. Blood still makes an appearance on occasion.
- Trouble passing stool. No pain, but I never feel properly emptied.
- Red, greasy eyes and excessive eyelash growth / loss
- Substantial hair thinning on my head (with hair thickening elsewhere on my body)
- Forgetfulness, much moreso than usual. It's as though my short-term / working memory is malfunctioning. Sometimes, I have a hard time focusing on simple pleasures like reading.
- Clumsyness. Nothing major, but I feel slightly off-balance on my feet - almost like there's this barely noticeable wavering sensation when I stand or walk.
- Muscle twitches, mostly in the limbs but occasionally near the chest
- Numbing & tingling sensations in my limbs, seemingly brought on or exacerbated by certain positions & movements. Strangest of all, every so often for reasons I can't understand, I feel a brief tingling sensation in / near my heart.
- Much more intense urges to use the bathroom
Rare & seemingly random cases of bleeding gums after brushing my teeth (side note: I have otherwise great dental health - brush in the morning & night, no cavities, etc)
- Weaker & more easily fatigued by exercise. The difference in my endurance & muscle pains after brief exertion is noticeable compared to last year.
- Much harder time waking up in the morning. I never seem to get a refreshing sleep, no matter how long the sleep session.

I still follow the gastro's prescription and do my best to maintain a healthy diet. However, I have been wondering for quite some time if this is another issue entirely... celiac disease or a thyroid issue, maybe even depression. Currently, my gastro still thinks it's IBS. I guess my main questions are:

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Did they coincide with each other or happen at different times?
Do you think this is a case of IBS or something else entirely?
What have you done & what can I do to alleviate or prevent these symptoms?

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  • You definitely need to go to another doctor asap.Blood in stool should always be taken seriously.Often when patients complain of multiple "strange" symptoms doctors will dismiss it as Ibs or somatisation disorder so personally I'd suggest not telling them about the harder to get up in the.morning etc or they might dismiss it as depression + ibs.It could be celiac like you mentioned,but.most important firstly is to obtain a Fecal occult blood test.What are your labs like?Your gastro did do lab tests right?
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