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Desperately seeking advise.

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  • Posted By: Gerrit Hulme
  • March 27, 2007
  • 11:58 AM

My name is Gerrit Hulme, I'm 55 of age,weiht 108 Kg. Height 1,92m. I'm sending my painfull story from South Africa.
8 Years ago I started having an acute pain in the upper left side of my abdominal cavity. To date I have seen 41 doctors which include local GP's, specialists and specialist physicians. The more I tell the doctors my problem lies in the upper left quadrant of my abdomen, the less they listen. One doctor reckon it is not normal to have pain in the upper left side of the body. Some diagnosis that was given to me suggest that I have depression, anxiety, cardio vascular disease, but the best one was the doctor that desided I was psycosomatic! I mean, HALLO, I'm in constant pain. IT'S REAL, IT'S THERE AND I'M LIVING IT.
MY SYMPTOMS:*An approching pain attack feels as if my intestines flutter. *Huge pressure on my chest, neck and lower jaw. *Pain sometimes move to my back side. *Sweatiness. *Dry mouth. *Short breathed. *Hollow feeling over chest and abdomen. *Sharp stabs on different parts of my body ie: leg, arm, neck, shoulder, back etc. *Wild heart beats. *Red eyes. *Trickling feeling over skin. *Chicken skin. *Sporadic muscle contractions. *Dizzyness. *Heat glows. *Pins and needles in hands and feet. *****y. *Very tired (sleep 3-4 hrs per day). *Impotent. *Irretable. *Feel even worse when lying down specialy left side). *Feeling anxious specialy at night. NEW ADDITION TO FEELING: *Right leg ***k. *Right hand opens jerky.
WENT FOR THE FOLLOWING: *Angio gram - no heart condition. *Colonoscopy - clean. *Gastroscopy - clean. *Cancer count - normal. *Liver count - normal. CAT scan - nothing. *ECG - nearly normal (smoke app. 40 sigarettes per day). *Brain scan - nothing. *X-Rays - nothing. *Sonar - nothing. *HIV - negative.
Every test comes back negative, normal or clean. I feel tricked by my own body. How come nothing is found, and I feel worse and worse from day to day?
Some of the medications that was prescribed to me included anti-depressants (but the more I drink them the worse I feel), anxiety drugs, blood pressure medications, sleeping tablets, beta blockers ets. NAME IT, I'VE USED IT! I've stopped taken all of these medications because I strongly believe one pill or tablet is calling the other. Not even pain killers can bring this pain to an acceptable level of handling.
To be honest the only time I feel a little better is when I take a few drinks (3-4), but boy-oh-boy, the next day all ***l will break loose in my body again. This pain is slowly killing me. It's truly unbearable. My body can't take this feeling anymore and something is going to give, either my will to fight this excruciating pain, or my body will cave in.
Please help me, I'm desperate!

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  • Have you been tested for parasites, food allergies,& bacterial infections? What you are saying sounds similar to these. Could you possibly have Lyme Disease and /or its coinfections? Perhaps some one at this link can help,lymenet.org ,or canlyme . Good luck to you.
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