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Day and Night! So sick of steroids!

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  • Posted By: Natalia Fornow
  • March 28, 2011
  • 04:08 AM

Day Time:

The problem I am having is when I blow my nose it feels as though there is something enlodged in the left side of the cavity which when I breath deeply I can feel flapping or moving. After blowing my nose my nasal cavity burns and almost feels like something is drilling into the the tisue and back into the center part of my nose. When this happens it hurts the cavity and the inner bridge part of my nose. Sometimes my nose also bleeds. This pain and burning lasts for about an hour as long as I dont keep blowing me nose and than my breathing goes back to normal until I blow again only to set it off again.

I had a cat scan done and found out that I had infection of my sinuses and a very small polyps in the sinus area. This they tell me is what is causing the post nasal drip and problems I have been having for the last year with my nose. I also had a camera thingy check out my nasal cavity to my throat which found I had enlarged cartlage in the cavity area due to having my nose severely broken when I was a child.

I have been taking Nasonex a steroid nose spray and salinex on top of taking anti biotics for the sinus infection. In the case of the sprays besides major burning they have done nothing for the post nasal drip or this problem I have been having.
I hate using steroids for anything but every time I go to my doctor she only wants to give me more of the same sprays.

Night time:

I also have a serious cough in which any time I lay down at night and sometimes throughout the day I cough up clear phlem. At night it is worse until I get to sleep. I go through a box of kleenx tissue in two nights coughing up this phlem. My doctor says it is because of my post nasal drip but why does it only effect me at night mostly while I am fine and clear of breathing all day minus some coughing. It almost feels that when I lie down I apply preasure to my lungs and it pushes all this phlem up and out of my lungs until my throat is full and forces me to cough up.

Could my lungs be collecting the muccus caused from the post nasal drip and than goes into action when I lay down. Funny thing is I never have major post nasal drip problems until I cough and clear all phlem from my throat. Like the drip always has to make sure my throat or lungs are full.

The phlem also was almost solidifying in my throat and was so severe I choked and had serious gag reflexes trying to clear it. I know I had caused serious problems to other parts of my body IE throat, brain, lungs, heart and other organs from coughing and choking so severely. I also blew the left eye perefrial vision in my eye. It came back after three days and going to see my eye doctor.

My doctor put me on steroid puffers to help the problem and after having cat scans and a chest Xray nothing still was not found wrong with me. I was also put on anti biotics, and two types of steroid pills to stop this. None of them worked and only gave me cold symptoms turning the phlem and muccus to creamy yellow. I hope someone can help me out.

Thanks for any help I can get.:D

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